An overview types of martial arts uniforms

martial arts uniform

Martial arts involve a numerous range of systemized and well-arranged methods of combat with each having a significant amount of techniques. Due to this, a specific uniform is associated with every genre of martial art so as to accommodate the different needs during the training and competition time. The main factors contributing to a good martial art uniform choice are: comfort ability, quality and how it fits. The three attributes give a sense of expected performance and commitment to martial boss. Lets take a look some type of martial arts uniform here. 

How many different types of martial arts Uniform are there

Taekwondo uniform

The uniform is relatively termed as Dobok by the Japanese. They are usually plain white in color. It involves a V-necked cotton top, matched with pants that have elastic waists for comfort ability. The top resembles a jacket, which is usually open at the front. It is then tied with a belt. This mode of dressing serves several purpose. It allows the practitioners execute their moves freely without worrying about falling off their costumes. The top s and pants, are usually designed for conform ability since a lot of movement is a necessity while practicing taekwondo. Everyone wears the same type of clothing. This represents equality amongst the practitioners. The only distinction is the belt color that shows ones rank in the taekwondo community. Belts are not only used for tying the top but also a signal in ones skills.

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Judo uniform

Judo uniform is made up of loose clothes. They include pants and a jacket-like top that is worn around the torso. A belt that shows the wearer’s rank, restrains the jacket to avoid it coming off. The uniform should be strongly made from cotton and be in good condition. The material should not be hard or thick. This is to avoid the practitioner from grabbing his or her opponent. Judo uniform varies in color. The first contestant should dress in blue, whereas white or an off white color is meant for the opponent. This is for easier differentiation form the spectators. The jacket should maintain a maximum length that covers the thighs. Also, it should be long enough to reach the fists. To measure this, the wearer’s arms are to be fully stretched downwards against the body. The pants too are restricted to having no markings on them. They should also be long enough to reach the ankle joint. The judo GI also should wear a strong belt that corresponds to his or her grade. Its main purpose is to restrain the jacket from loosening off.

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Karate uniform is generally referred to as karate-GI. Karate uniform involves a loosely fitting V-necked top and a pair of loosely fitting pants. Just like judo, the top may be pull-over or a jacket-like top that is worn around the torso with a strong belt straining it by the waist level. Pants are made with an elastic band for comfort ability. The material generally used for the uniform is cotton. This is because it is more absorbent, durable and a preference among st the hard trainers. In karate, the white color seems more popular. Karate uniforms is in three weights. That martial art uniform is the light, the weight and the medium. The choice varies between the kind of training or ones preferences.


Jiu-jitsu uniform is a lot more similar to the judo way of dressing. Its jacket is generally tighter and fitting to the body with a shorter and narrower sleeves. This uniform comes in different weights, colors and weaves. Jiu-jitsu allows decoration on the uniform. It may either be embroidery or patches. This gives the practitioners the freedom to customize their outfits according to their taste and preference. Also, a belt is functionally used to tie the GI jacket to help keep it tight. The jiu-jitsu belts are long enough since they are meant to go around ones waist twice and still have excess length after tying. For beginners, a white belt is tied. As one advances, the belts are tied in the order of blue, purple, brown and black for adults while yellow, orange and green are for the kids. Another necessity while practicing jiu jitsu is the knee caps. This is due to the frequent landing and twisting as you roll while practicing. They prevent bruised and popped kneecaps. During tournaments, regulations about the sizes, weights and pants measurements are made to ensure equality and fairness.