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Dripex freestanding punching bag

Dripex Punching Bag derives with the newest design that makes it beautiful towards sufficient numbers of users. This firmly stands in diverse types of floors by ease. Furthermore, this comes with manifold suction cups for stopping base movements.

This free standing punching bag not ever compromises while it comes to performance as well as is very easy to store while not in use.Dripex freestanding punching bag

Dripex’s Freestanding Punching Bag is a great self-supporting bag that fits suitably in any home, gym, otherwise office. If you have an even surface as well as the space to use it, you can set this bag up anyplace. The bag stands approximately 69 inches tall and is a must-have tool for construction both strength and stamina. The rounded ABS bottom is made to be easily rollable thus you can change the bag’s place easily. You can get more info on this Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag review

Feature and Specification


This derives with stainless steel structure for greater support and steadiness. Also, this has the capacity to stand high-pressure kicks plus punches. This is one of the actual functioning product inside its array of products. This has brad base for the suitability of the users and derives with a great design that creates it attractive, so hopefully it will give you good support when you also want to do some punching bag exercises

This punching bag for adults is a superior product, plus the stainless-steel tube stand and 2mm-dense PU leather bag cover. And sturdy EPE foam stuffing means this bag could take a beating. You could fill the base of this self-supporting bag with either water otherwise sand, but sand is suggested for maximum steadiness. Greatest of all, this is one easy bag to set up. You should not need more than 10 minutes out of the box beforehand you are boxing, working out, and getting fit.


The Dripex Punching Bag which we are highlighting now derives with a stand. It means that you could use it simply. The material in use is high-density EPE foam PU leather, and eco-friendly material. That is why; it is extremely sturdy. The high-density EPE foam material means that leak is not a problem. As an outcome, it has an extremely stable base.

As per Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag review, it has a suction cup base, refining its already great steadiness while being hit. Now, this is excessive for heavy punchers and persons that are going to be filling the base with water. Nonetheless, if you are going to be filling this with sand, then the suction cup would probably not serve you whatsoever. There’s an alternative crowd of folks that will correspondingly find the suction cups very valuable: people using the bag on greasy floors. 


PU leather is very flexible and high-quality. And this bag is faultless for any taller, longer combatant that wants to practice his straight punchers. Generally, you are looking at one of the greatest freestanding bags in the marketplace today. And you certainly should have this at the top of your purchasing list.

If you purchase this free punching bag for the garage for yourself, the first thing that you are going to notice is the detail that it is so well made. The material used on this bag would very likely last you a long time, creating this a great choice if you are in search of a heavy-duty bag that will be used through more than 1 boxer.



Kids and adult alternates: This punching bag from Dripex derives both in a 47” height form designed for children who are starting their training early plus a 69” form for adults. Both versions come in black, whereas the children one also has a red otherwise blue option.

Suction cup base: The Dripex Punching Bag uses a sequence of twelve suction cups toward attaching stoutly to the floor. The kid’s version has a steel base, whereas the adult form has sand otherwise water-filled based for additional stability.

Absorbers plus springs: Both forms have shock absorbers finished out of Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and four detachable springs on the base of the equipment. It will minimize the noise originating from each punch.


You can not practice low kicks. As the bag portion starts at around 3 feet otherwise so, users will not be capable to practice low kicks. As these will hit the base and possibly topple and harm the equipment.

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Final Verdict 

Dripex Punching Bag is without hesitation one of the best values for money bags on the marketplace because of its quality design and manufacturing and its ridiculously low price point. The Dripex endured our punches and kicks fine and there was no symbol of damage after a decent few sessions. Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag review from clienteles appears to back this up on the entire. For the price, the Dripex is without hesitation a winner and would be a good addition to your training aids.