Elite Sports Gi Review, IBJJF Ultra Light Affordable Gi 2021

Elite sports bjj gi

For a martial artist, having the right gi for the right occasion is important. As a gi is not just a gi but also a part of the athlete, it must be comfortable.

Elite Sports brings to you that kind of comfortable elite BJJ gi with high quality.

Our elite sports gi review will give you depth idea of why you select this best lightweight gi for you. 

You may have some confusion about buying it or not. We are here to describe the features and give you the right Elite Sports gi review to help you in your decision.

In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Reasons To Buy


Elite Sports Gi Review


Made By pre-shrunk fabric and Its an IBJJF  Approved Gi

Perfect for Beginners and advanced level players.

Reduce the risk of infections and have a free white belt

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Elite Sports Ultra Light BJJ Gi Review

Elite Sports is rather a new company compared to other gi manufacturing companies. In spite of their inexperience, they have made some quality sports products like this gi. Next, there will be the Elite Sports gi review for you.

Design and Structure

The Elite Sports gi is made of 400 GSM pearl weave fabric which is popular for its lightness and durability. The pants are ripstop and also have a drawstring for tightening. The ripstop trousers are very nice and comfortable with reinforcements in the knee and crotch areas. There is a colored logo embroidered on the lapel and patches. The pant of the gi has a lot of belt loops which is good and the drawstrings don’t mess up during rolling.

The Gi is ultra-light, and so much comfortable to wear. It looks modern and classy. There aren’t any giant design flourishes and as a result, is simply presented. The jacket and pant make the perfect match. You can use it as the competition kimonos in the summer sessions.

It’s the perfect gi for training sessions of any kind of martial arts. The gi looks good and stylish. You never have to think about how you look.

The Elite BJJ gi is made of preshrunk cotton. It won’t shrink after the wash. It is recommended not to wash with hot water but with cold water and dry.

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Detailed Stitching

The gi has a detailed design in its construction. The small details and strong stitching of the Gi will amuse you a lot. The embroidery of compact stitching just increases the value of the gi. It is stylish, detailed and clean. The pants provide good knee support, looks sturdy. The gi has a tapered fit on itself with no excess material. In the stress areas, there is reinforcement. Along the jacket edge and sleeve edges, the gi comes with seam tape.elite-sports-gi

Some of the areas of the gi are triple-stitched and the bottom cuff is quadruple stitched to add extra strength and sturdiness. These crafty stitches and details increase the standard of the Elite BJJ Gi.

Durability and Comfort

Because of the fabric, it’s made of, the Elite gi gives more durability than many of the other gis. The detailed design, compact stitching increase the durability. And, if it’s only used for training purposes, it is going to last long. The gi will always take a stand in the test of time and hard work.

This Elite Sports gi is the perfect gi for your summer training sessions for its ultra-lightness, slimness, and comfort. You will feel the difference in this quality product wearing it. When you will have some training sessions wearing it, you will be impressed instantly.

IBJJF Approved Gi

The Elite Sports BJJ gi is this IBJJF approved. It is an ideal gi for males and females from ages 18-55 years. There are sizes available for all of them.

For both training sessions and competitions, you can use The Jiu Jitsu GI. It’s designed and made to keep the conditions in mind. You can train harder and longer according to your physical conditions. You no longer have to think about the condition of the gi, because the Elite gi will be just fine. You will never feel the discomfort of overheating of the gi. Thus, the gi won’t limit you in any way.

Antimicrobial and Anti-odor treatment

The Elite Sports gi comes with a special feature of having antimicrobial and anti-odor treatment. Usually, a martial artist sweats a lot because of the hard training. The light fabric material disperses sweat faster and doesn’t allow any buildup of fungus and bacterial infections whatsoever. Now, you don’t have to worry about the skin diseases that make you suffer a lot as the gi is going to reduce the risk of infections.

The anti-odor treatment won’t let any lingering bad smells ruining your mood and the gi. You won’t have to be embarrassed before family and friends. You can keep it in your place in the pre-washing period without any hesitation. The bad smell will not distract you in your training or competition.

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Belt with Stripe Bar

The gi comes with a free white belt. So, this feature is only applicable for the beginners. All the seniors who have upper belts other than white ones have no use of this feature. The belt comes with a stripe bar which will let you earn your stripes and you can show them with your earned pride.

Convincing Price

Compared to the quality and features it brings on the table, the price of the Ultra Light BJJ Gi is very cheap. It’s so reasonable. If you know the price, you already know it.

Sizing and Fitting

The Elite BJJ gi comes in a wide range of sizes. There are even a variety of colors like Black, White, Blue, Navy, Gray, and Pink. The sizes are different from traditional sizes. The available sizes are A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, and A5. It is perfect for beginners to advanced users.

The gi will fit you just fine. As perfect fitting of the gi is essential for the user, check the sizes carefully and then order. You can check the Elite Sports size chart and also the review comment section in Amazon. You have to be careful to ensure the perfect fitting.

The features and most of the advantages of Elite Sports Ultra-light BJJ gi are already described above. For you to notice easily, here are noted some of the advantages and Here, we will point out the things you might not like in this gi.


  • It’s made of ultra-light preshrunk pearl weave cotton which gives comfort and durability
  • Antimicrobial and anti-odor treatment reduces the risk of infections and stops the bad smell
  • Affordable and cheap priced IBBJF approved gi, ideal for summer training and competitions
  • Good quality and durability
  • All size available for man and women


  • Not exactly an ideal gi for competitions in the winter season


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Elite Sports Gi Frequently Asked Question

Q. Is the Elite Sports gi only suitable for the summer season?
Ans.No, it also can be used in winter. But it’s an ideal one for summer training and not equally good or ideal in winter
Q. What is the size range of the gi?
Ans. The size range of the Elite BJJ gi is from A0-A5.
Q. Do the other belts but white belt come free with the gi?
Ans.No, only a free white belt comes with the gi, not any other belts.

Final Words

At this range of price, the Elite Sports ultra-light gi is a great one overall. The design, craftsmanship, comfort, durability, and quality of the gi are amazing. You will feel good. It is a reasonable BJJ gi to train and fight in the summer and maybe also in the winter. If it somehow meets up the criteria of your gi, you should have this ultra-light BJJ gi of Elite Sports.

Like we always say that the final decision is yours to take. We just tried to help you by telling you almost everything about this gi and giving you the true Elite Sports gi review. Lastly, at this price, the Elite gi is recommended. We wish you luck.

Elite Sports Gi Video Review

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