Hayabusa gi review to Make You comfortable in Your Martial Art

Hayabusa Gi review

In this guide, you’ll find everything there is to know about Hayabusa GiHayabusa Gi Review

Choosing the right BJJ GI for the right type of martial art is really significant.

Hayabusa (Japanese for Peregrine falcon) is a highly reputed brand for making sports products like GIs. The great fabrics of this BJJ Gi brands bring quality, strength, comfort, and extreme adaptability to the table.


There is a wide range of Gis of various sizes, shapes, needs for various martial artists and occasions. We are going to describe the best Hayabusa Gi reviews to narrow it down for you.

How to Select the Best Gi

Like we said before, having the right BJJ gi is very important. During your training and fighting, your gi is not just an outfit, it’s a part of you.

Before buying, you have to know which gis are allowed in your martial art training or gym. As in, certain gi’s are not good at some institutions. There are different kinds of gis for the various martial arts. There are differences in the martial arts and so do in the gis.


The fabric is the main material to make a BJJ gi. So choosing the BJJ gi with high quality fabric is a must. There are many types of fabric (single weave, double weave, pearl weave, and so on), used in making gi’s based on various purposes. The single weave is the lightest and least durable. Again, the Gold weave is the heaviest and most durable. Every fabric has some pros and cons. So, buy according to your demands.


When you are buying a BJJ gi, you must feel comfortable wearing it. We think it’s the most important factor as if you don’t feel comfortable, you can’t focus on your training. So, don’t ever compromise with your comfort.

Strength and Durability

The strength and durability mainly depend on the fabric and how it’s made. The stitching, cuts, and design with passion increase the standard of the BJJ gi. Durable and strong gi’s are better. Otherwise, you can’t fight properly and your opponent will get the advantage.


The BJJ gi must be lightweight. If it feels heavy, you won’t feel comfortable to fight. Some may like the heavier ones than normal for their specific body size. But mostly, the gi should be as light as possible.

When a gi is felt like a part of your body, that’s the right gi for you. You must buy it.

Best Hayabusa Jiu Jitsu Gi Review

There are some quality Gis you should check. Based on the features and your needs you might want to have one of these below 4 Gis.

#1. Hayabusa Pearl Weave Light Jiu Jitsu Gi Review

First of all, The Hayabusa lightweight gi jacket is constructed of weave pearl fabric with an extra advantage of the reinforced stress areas. The fabric gives the BJJ gi enough strength and durability. It is ready for all pieces of training and competitions.

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There is detail in the design and stitching. The gi will fit you just fine if you order carefully from the size chart.

The BJJ gi is very comfortable and lighter to wear. They use 420 gsm cotton for making this.  You will feel cool and satisfied.

With reinforced knees and stress areas, the pants are made with a ripstop cotton-polyester blend. The patches and embroidery on the lapel, chest shoulders and back, and legs increase the standard of this BJJ Gi.

Finally, The BJJ gi is useful for both style and function. The gi will help you achieve maximum performance. So there is no tension remains about how you look and you can focus on your training and fighting.

Because of the quality and features of the product, the Hayabusa lightweight gi is a trustworthy gi to buy. It comes at a moderate price. You should take it under your consideration.


  • Single weave, which isn’t always durable
  • The “skirt” was far too short and almost as high as your waist


  • After washing multiple times, the gi may become loose.


#2. Hayabusa Goorudo 3.0 Gold Weave Gi Review

The Hayabusa Goorudo jacket is constructed of gold weave fabric with reinforced lapel and stress part. Its fabric is the combo of the single and double weave. The fabric is thick and durable than the other fabric without any extra weight. This provides the Goorudo gi extra strength and durability.

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The BJJ gi is ideal for all kinds of pieces of training and competitions. They use 550 GSM cotton for making this. So, the weight of the gi is somewhat more than the other GIs. But, it is the perfect combination of softness and weight. When you wear it, you can feel the comfort.

The BJJ gi is designed and stitched in detail. The gi is hand-crafted using premium materials and art. It comes with customized fitness. The gi will perfectly fit you if you order it from the manufacturer size chart carefully.

similarly, The pants are made with a twill cotton blend of 12oz with reinforced knees and stress portion. The intricate stitching tailored cut, the finest of cotton makes this gi more standard. There are patches and embroidery on the lapel, chest shoulders and back, and legs. All of these features combined ensures the optimal performance of the gi.

The Gold BJJ gi is 100% tournament certified; so, it’s perfect for the athletes who go through intense training and fights.

The Hayabusa Gold gi is expensive than other gis because of its fabric and quality. It is a premium tournament gi which is worth the money. So, if you have the budget, you should have the gi.


  • This gi is perfect and adorned with traditional kanjis
  • Gold fabric and twill cotton make the gi stronger and more durable


  • This gi is not pre-shrunk. It shrinks after washing

#3. Hayabusa Pearl Weave Ultra-Light Gi Review

This BJJ Gi is the best lightweight jiu jitsu gi of Hayabusa. The weight is so less that you will feel the difference of comfort wearing the gi. The 420 gsm pearl weave cotton fabric of this gi is extremely durable. It is an IBBJF ready competition kimono. So, this is the perfect gi for all types of training.
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With reinforced lapel and stress area, the gi jacket is constructed of 350 gsm cotton which is the main reason behind its being ultra-light. It has a 10 oz ripstop cotton-polyester blend in addition to reinforced knees.

The detailed design, embroidery stitching, finest of cotton make this gi so comfortable and crafty. The shoulder, armpit, side slit are smoothly reinforced.

The gi comes with a classy design and customized fitness. The design is awesome and ready to fit in your body.

The BJJ gi is pre-washed and is instantly ready for your practice or training. Hayabusa pearl becomes your first choice for your competition for comfort, lightweight, and adaptability it provides. Hayabusa 420 gsm pearl weave cotton fabric gi is ideal gi for any tournament situation. It is for both the classes and the masses. You will get the best performance possible out of the gi.

Because of its ultra-lightweight, the gi is the favorite gi for many of the martial artists. It comes at a moderate price which is affordable. You can decide now whether you want it or not. For, you know the features already.


  • The gi is ultra-light and comfortable
  • The special embroidery of the lapel prevents your opponent from grabbing it


  • In the chest area, the cut of the top is not up to the mark

#4. Hayabusa Gold Weave Youth Brazilian Gi Review

The Hayabusa youth gi specially made for young people and teenagers. It is made of Gold weave fabric which is the perfect combination of the single and double weave. The fabric is thick and durable than the other fabric without any extra weight. This gi has the extra strength with reinforced stress areas.

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Moreover, the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi is fully breathable and made with quick-dry material. This is an extra special feature. Your child will feel as comfortable as possible wearing this gi.

The detailed and crafty design is a treat to eyes. It’s a perfect combo of weight and softness. So it provides comfort without any restriction. The finest cotton, the intricate triple-reinforced stitching, stress areas add the strength, flexibility, and durability. There is patch detailing on the lapel, legs, and back. The gi is very sturdy and has a great fit.

Also, This Hayabusa has been specially engineered for young boys and girls. The stretched waistband allows the gi to stretch with your child. It’s also equally good for adults.

The youth BJJ gi is the cheapest if you compare it with other gi’s of the same features and quality. You can buy the gi if it meets up your demands.

So, You can do any type of martial art. It’s best for the high voltage competitions.


  • The gi is durable, pre shrunk, and ideal for competitions
  • the price is less compared to the quality the gi provides


  • The gi might be a bit heavy

Final Verdict

The BJJ gi that you should buy will depend on your needs, personal comfort, and occasions. If you want a BJJ gi for your regular training or usual competitions and have a moderate budget, you should buy the Hayabusa 420 gsm Pearl Weave cotton Ultra-Light Gi like Sanabul Essentials v.2 Ultra-Light BJJ Gi . If you want a gi for a heavy competition and have a decent budget, you should buy Hayabusa Goorudo 3.0 Gold Weave Gi. And, if you don’t have the budget or try it for your children, you should buy Hayabusa Gold Weave Youth Brazilian Gi.

What we want to tell you is that all of the above Hayabusa gi’s are worth buying. Based on your demands, occasions, and budget, you can find your type of gi. Just remember one thing while buying. Your comfort and high quality is the main aspect. The final decision is yours like always. We have just tried to help you by describing the best Hayabusa gi reviews. We wish you luck. Thank you.