The 8 punches of muay thai | Types of muay thai punches

muay thai punches

About fifty years ago, traditional Muay Thai wasn’t how we see it now. It relied more on clinches, kicks, and simple punch techniques. But eventually, things changed. For the last half-century, the Muay Thai we see has merged with western boxing styles.

This western boxing made some new punching techniques to be added to Muay Thai. In total there are 8 different types of punches in boxing of Muay Thai in this era. Let’s see what the techniques are muay thai punches. Also, if you looking for

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Types of Muay thai Punches

The Jab

The Jab

The most common muay thai punching technique is the Jab. It is also very simple to perform. You can use it for both attacking the opponent and also for defending yourself.

To perform the jab you have to block your face first with both your hands. Then you have to punch straight with one hand and use the other hand to perform any other punching techniques.

Fighters use the jab most frequently as it is the quickest punching techniques to perform. Moreover, the jab can be used to counter an opponent who is frequently throwing punches at you.

Overhand Punch

When your opponent is about to throw a punch at you, you duck and throw a counter by sweeping your hands over your head. This is the overhand punch. It is named the overhand because here your hand goes over the hand of your opponent.

This is a very powerful muay thai punches to throw. But there are a few drawbacks of this punch. If you miss this you are giving your opponent the opportunity to counter you.

Also, if your opponent farther then it is almost impossible to throw this punch. So, be careful about the overhand punch when you perform it.

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The Cross (Straight Punch)

The cross punch is a kind of knockout punch. It’s simple but quite powerful. You can use it immediately after the Jab or you can use it just at the end of the fight.

It’s very similar to the jab. You have to punch straight but this time you have to use more power. Also, unlike the jab, you have to make your hand go a bit further to perform the cross.

Spinning Back Fist

This is an advanced punching technique that needs a lot of practice to be mastered. The spinning back fist is performed by spinning your body and punching your opponent when he’s right behind you.

To perform the spinning back fist, first of all, you have to turn your body around. Then you have to lift one of your legs to spin and then hit your opponent right on the face with the back of your hand.

The Hook

The hook is another effective punching techniques that you can use in Boxing Muay Thai. This allows hitting your opponent on the side. You have to make your hands shaped like a hook and you throw the punch to your opponent by rotating one hand round.

For a beginner, performing the hook can be a little difficult. It is hard to master but once it is mastered, it is quite a powerful punch for your opponent. If you try to perform the hook without proper training and without mastering the technique, you will end up breaking your wrist. So, be careful.

The Uppercut

Just like the hook you have to use the uppercut by rotating your hand. But for the uppercut, your hand goes from down to up and you aim for the chin of your opponent rather than going sidewise.

A proper uppercut can knock out the enemy as it rattles the brain of the opponent directly when you hit the chin. You can use the uppercut for a counter-attack as well.

It is best to use the uppercut right after the jab as it is a good way to knock out or stop your opponent.

Superman Punch

The superman punch is another quite powerful punch to throw at your opponent. It is done by jumping towards your opponent and then throwing a punch right at his face while staying on the air.

The superman punch helps you to knock out opponents who are taller than you. But you should not use this punch often as it is a risky punch. It is risky because your opponent can easily counter this punch.

The Swing

The hook and the swing are not so different. In the swing, you just have to make a bigger hook if you know what I mean.

It means you have to swipe your hands further or keep your arm more outstretched. The hook can shake off your opponent for a while but the swing will make your opponent shattered if thrown right.


So these were all the different types of Muay Thai Boxing punches techniques you need to know about. My final advice for you would be to practice the basic and easier Types of Punches first before you learn the harder ones. Harder ones include spinning back fist, superman punch, and the hook.

Keep in mind that you can always combine them as you like, to make a good punch combo to throw at your opponent. There can be a lot of combinations. You should practice more and more to get them right.