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Ringside best free standing punching bag for boxing

A free standing bag is a punching bag straddling onto a round base, which is packed with a ballast material similar to sand, gravel, or water. The benefit of this design is that it is far easier to move around when required. They are perfect for small gyms, home gymnasiums, and for use outside. Continue reading for a Ringside free standing fitness punching bag review in this blog.


Ringside best free standing punching bag for boxing


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Feature and specification


The Ringside Elite is one of the maximum stable free standing punching bags prepared. It’s designed by a big 32″x10″ base, by a low center of gravity that could weigh up to 270 pounds while filled with water otherwise sand. Other bags have alike capabilities; it’s the way the bag links to the base that is diverse.

As per Ringside free standing fitness punching bag review, The Elite bag has a spring-loaded core that permits the bag to engross the blows somewhat than have the base slide. This moreover means there is additional sway on the bag while hitting. This may otherwise not be a problem for you depending on the kind of training you like to do. Several people feel the sway aids them to work on their footwork.

One issue by this punching bag is the bolts that attach the base toward the spring collar tend to shake loose over time. Several non-permanent Loctite on those bolts will fix that. The other item you might see is a shrill spring. Just spray specific WD40 or some Teflon oil spray to silence it.

At 6 foot 4 inches high, the ringside elite standing punching bag is actually tall for a stand up a punching bag. It creates a great bag for practicing a complete range of Muay Thai moves in addition to punches. If you want a high punching bag that does not glide on the floor, then seriously ponder the Ringside Elite.


It is prepared of the synthetic leather case that is very tough. The high excellence of the leather can endure heavy punching without tiring out. Ringside warranties that the bag is prepared to withstand even the hardest blows. It moreover has a foam collar that is detachable. The collar upsurges or drops the swinging off it.

It has a dense bottom that could hold up to 270lbs of water otherwise sand. The massive base confirms that it does not move as one punch otherwise kick. Fighters would agree that a weighty bag that keeps on collapsing over as one kicks and punches are very irritating. Well, this ringside standing punching bag will not dissatisfy you while it derives to stability.


Whereas using this ringside Cleto Reyes heavy punching bag, we love the balanced feel it gives. The rebounds are rapid and are some of the finest we have ever tested. It offers a satisfying thump and prominently, it can take a decent thumping. One issue that creates the rebound swift plus so sweet is the latex rubber entrenched in the bag.


This 56 inches tall freestanding punching bag has lots more than just 170 lbs. weight to create it to the list. Highly sturdy double vinyl cover on the upper of the high-density foam creates it softly on the user’s hand. However, what it mostly does remain unseen, it creates the punching bag sturdy than ever beforehand.

As you have seen the base of the bag is 15 inches in dia, is a bit too lesser than a lot of bags out there. This was done to enhance the versatility of the punching bag.

And as for the dia of the base, it is 28 inches. This accompanied by the 120 lbs of water in the base retains the bag upright irrespective of your punches plus kicks. The base is robust and thick sufficient to house 270 lbs of weightiness if you’re thinking’ about feeling it up by something additional than water.

The red strap thingy correct on top of the base is the detachable collar. It’s 11 inches in height plus could even be taken out. Making the collar firmly adjusted to wherever it reduces the shaking or movement considerably.


The hole for the base is very much smaller than what was essential. It takes an entire lot of time to fill the base.

Another problem with the base is, several are complaining that it leaks.


The clienteles also like the quality of the material used to making the bag as it will serve them for a long time. Maximum customers are satisfied with the sensible price tag given the high quality of its making and sturdiness.