Sanabul Essentials V.2 Ultra-Light BJJ Gi | Perfect Sanabul GI Review

Sanabul Essentials Version 2 BJJ gi is the upgraded and improved version of the Sanabul’s previous gi. By keeping sanabul-gi-reviewthe comfort of the Jiu-Jitsu and other martial artists in mind, this gi has been designed.

As for a martial artist, how the gi feels to wear is very significant, the BJJ gi will definitely fill up your criteria because of its design, material, price, and ultra-lightness. We are going to describe this product for you and will give you the best possible Sanabul Essential v.2 BJJ gi review to help you decide if you should buy the dress.

Quick Features Sanabul Essential Jiu Jitsu GI

sanabul bjj gi review


Sanabul Essentials BJJ Gi Material

The material used in the Sanabul BJJ gi is single weave fabric. This single weave is one of the most popular weaves for any training. The fabric is so light but also durable though it is less resistant to tearing than other fabrics. The weave is thin enough to allow air passing through. The fabric is so thin that your skin could be seen often. This material makes the Sanabul BJJ gi lightest and least expensive.

Sanabul Gi design and Structure

This particular Sanabul BJJ gi is specially made for training sessions. The gi looks good and stylish. You never have to think about how you look.

Besides good quality fabric, the gi has a stiffer rubberized collar, subtitle design and element details, compact stitch embroidery, athletic cut and so on.

The gi has a rubber collar which is thick but not to increase your weight. It gets softer after a few washes.

If you observe closely, you will see a detailed design of the gi. The compact stitching embroidery just increases the value of the gi. It is detailed, stylish and clean. Having said that you also will feel minimalistic wearing the Sanabul gi. The pants look sturdy and provide good knee support.

The top cut of the gi is tapered, slim athletic cut without excess bagginess of a traditional martial artist gi. This thing is cool and you will feel it when you wear the gi.

Preshrunk Gi

The shrinkage of gi after washing is always a concern for the players. Because of the criticism of the previous version, the Sanabul designed the BJJ gi in a way so that it doesn’t shrink after washing. So, you can wash this gi in cold water and dry by hanging without any tension of its shrinking. This has provided more sturdiness to the gi. This gi gets softer with time which is a sign of quality.

However, you can wash it in hot water and put it in your dryer if you want the gi to shrink purposely.


Though single weave fabrics are not known to be that durable, the Sanabul v.2 BJJ gi is more durable than other single weave kimonos. Because of the detailed design and compact stitching, the gi is more durable. For training purposes, the Sanabul BJJ will last long (lasts for 2 years, from one reviewer).


As you know by now that the Sanabul v.2 BJJ gi is ultra-weight, so it is very comfortable to wear. It is the perfect dress for your summer training to make you comfortable because of its lightness, slimness, and comfort. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about your gi because it is just fine. So, you can focus on your training without any distractions.

Convincing Price

The price of the Sanabul BJJ gi is lesser than other gis when you think about the quality and features it brings in the table. The price is reasonable enough that people can buy it easily.

Sanabul v.2 Special Feature

The Sanabul v.2 BJJ Gi comes with a special and significant feature of having an antimicrobial and anti-odor treatment. As martial artists sweat a lot because of the training for a long time, this will help to prevent the fungus and bacterial infections and also the bad odor. There is a time of the gi before washing. The anti-odor treatment won’t allow the gi to smell so bad. This is a good advantage.

Size Chart – sanabul gi size chart

The Sanabul v.2 BJJ gi comes in a wide range of sizes. These sizes are somewhat different from traditional sizes of dresses (larger than other brands). So, to ensure the perfect fit, choose your size based on the Sanabul size chart. Remember that the size is always an important factor for the gis. So be double sure before ordering. You can also check it out in the review-comment section of the product in Amazon.

Pros and Cons

We have already described the features and also most of the advantages of the Sanabul v.2 BJJ Gi. Here, we are going to point out the advantages separately.

Like every product, this gi is also not perfect. Here, we will point out the negative things you might not like about this product.


  • Made of Ultra-lightweight preshrunk single weave fabric
  • Comes with a rubberized collar, subtitle detailed design, compact stitch, athletic cut, and so on
  • Ideal and comfortable to wear for summer training
  • Affordable and convincing price
  • Antimicrobial and anti-odor treatment helps to prevent skin diseases and embarrassment


  • Not very good enough for fighting competitions and in the winter season
  • For whom it may concern, the pants are so thin that your skin is exposed often. So be careful when buying if it bothers you

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Q. Is the gi ideal for the winter season?
Ans. The Sanabul BJJ gi is not so ideal for the winter season as the fabric is so thin and lightweight.
Q. Can the gi be returned?
Ans. The gi can be returned if it doesn’t fit or there is any manufacturing flaw.
Q. What is the size range?
Ans. The size range is different from traditional brands. The range is from A0 to A4.

Note: For a limited time, while purchasing you may get a Sanamul BJJ belt for free. To get the free belt, you have to select the color and size of the belt and add it to the cart.

Summing up

Overall the Sanabul Essentials Version 2 BJJ gi is a great gi at this price. This is mainly designed for training sessions of martial art in summer. You can say that by the material fabric it is made from. If it fills your needs, we recommend you should have the Sanabul v.2 BJJ Gi. However, it can also be used in competitions and in winter. But, in those conditions, the gi won’t behave ideally.

We tried to help you by describing everything about this BJJ gi and give a true review of the product. The decision is as always yours whether you should buy it or not. We wish you luck.