🏅 Best BJJ Mouthguard Review 2021 | Buyer’s Guide and top Pick

We all know more or less what a mouthguard is for. However, the differences in the models proposed on the market are still little known. What is the most effective protection and what are their real roles? Well, you will get all these on our Best BJJ mouthguard guideline.

If you practice Boxing-Thai, Boxing, or MMA, one of the essential equipment you should use is a fighting mouth guard. Without a proper mouth guard, you are much more likely to have head trauma and of course to break your teeth. At each training session, it is essential to wear a mouthguard. No matter what your class or the intensitybest bjj mouthguard of your workout, just a little punch to make a tooth fall. You might think, “It will never happen to me,” I can tell you that I’ve already seen dozens of guys lose their teeth in training. Not only is it extremely uncomfortable to have a broken tooth, but it also costs a lot of money on dentist fees. Do not think that can not happen to you. we research the current market and our experts find out some best jiu jitsu mouthguard including MMA, for sports, rugby mouth-guards, kids, and all sports. Hope you enjoy it.


10 Best BJJ MMA Mouthguard 2021

Venum Challenger
  • Rubber Frame
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SISU Aero Mouthguard
  • Much thinner
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Shock Doctor Gel MAX
  • Comfortable Fit
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Sanabul Single Boil and bite
  • Adult & Youth Sizes
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Impact Custom Professional
  • BPA free
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Shock Doctor Double Braces
  • Medical Grade Silicone
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SAFEJAWZ Mouthguard
  • Flavor Fusion Technology
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Shock Doctor gel-M
  • Heavy Duty Frame
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Battle Frang
  • Double Pack
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SISU junior
  • 50% Thinner
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Coollo Sports
  • Comfort fit
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Venum challenger mouthguard review – Best mouthpiece for jiu jitsu

Introducing the brand new Venum Challenger! Specially designed to prevent and reduce injuries to teeth, lips, and gums. Concerned about its quality, Venum developed and created the Challenger mouthguard range in close collaboration with some of the most prominent UFC fighters such as Wanderlei Silva, Lyoto Machida, and Carlos Condit.


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Also, these Venum mouthguards of this series are indeed those with the best quality/price ratio available in the market.

Venum has designed a state-of-the-art “Nexfit” gel structure to offer you better comfort during use. Profiled to fit your teeth perfectly, Venum has also integrated a breathing channel for more breathability and therefore increased performance during the fight.

The inner rubber layer not only dampens the shock wave but also disperses it to your most healthy teeth.


  • suitable in all contact sports
  • Developed in collaboration with the Venum Fight Team elite: Wanderlei Silva, Lyoto Machida, and Carlos Condit
  • Advanced design for optimal breathing during combat
  • Inner layer high density for better shock management and superior protection
  • Comes with a storage box for greater hygiene


  • The package says adult 11 years and up, but it is sized for small mouths
  • Your teeth may be chipped
Overall, it’s the best BJJ mouthguard and also good for MMA and all kinds of martial arts.

SISU Aero Mouthguard

SISU comes with another product for BJJ practitioners which is a mouthguard named SISU Aero Sports Mouthguard. It is a 1.6mm thickened ultralight Aero designed mouthguard which is much thinner than other traditional mouthguards. On top of that, they have used Diffusix technology scientifically to distribute the smash forces from various team sports.

It is a medium sports mouthguard which offers premium dental protection and also is able to fit any athlete between the height of 5 feet and 6 feet. In addition, it’s rounded-edged wider bite pad gives you comfort as well as improved moldability to assure a perfect fit. It is very easy to mold and remold with hot water. Apart from that, its custom and a slim fit make it easy for you to breathe, talk, and drink.

It might have slight moldability issues according to few practitioners but it is not a bad option to have.

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  • 1.6mm thickened ultralight Aero designed mouthguard
  • Diffusix technology to absorb smashes
  • Fit any athletes between the height of 5 feet and 6 feet
  • Rounded edged wider bite pad
  • Very easy to mold and remold


  • Much thinner than traditional mouthguards
  • Premium dental protection
  • Comfort and better moldability
  • Custom and slim fit


  • Slight moldability issues

Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth Guard Sports – Best BJJ mouthguard for sports

The official supplier of many country’s rugby, MMA teams, the Mouth Guard is one of the world leaders in the mouthguard market. This best mouthpiece for jiu-jitsu offers the best quality products combining comfort and the best gum shield for rugby, MMA, but also for all contact sports.

Composed of a hard outer layer to cushion shocks and a softer inner layer to perfectly adapt the shape of the user’s teeth this thermo-molding mouthguard is very high quality. It also has a rental guarantee. The Gel Max Mouth Guard comes with its shipping box and instructions for use.

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  • Maximum protection thanks to the triple-layer design “Exoskeleton”
  • Smooth and precise molding thanks to the gel
  • High stability in the mouth
  • Fine and comfortable
  • Do not disturb breathing
  • Comes with a storage box


  • A little long can annoy small jaws

Sanabul Single Boil and Bite BJJ MMA Boxing Mouth Guard – The best Budget mouthguard

Sanabul BJJ MMA  Mouth Guard is a high-quality Single mouthguard designed to provide unobstructed airflow. Its boil & Bite allows you to customize the mouth guard for added protection and comfort. It’s a breathable mouth guard and takes a short time to dry.

This mouthguard is perfect for boxing, kickboxing, MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, football, basketball, or any other sport that may cause contact. This product is imported from the United States, and the manufacturer made it great in quality.

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  • High-quality mouth guard designed to provide unobstructed airflow
  • Measurements: 4cm x 8cm x 8cm
  • Very lightweight: 0.05 Kg
  • Comparatively Low Price


  • No Return Policy

Impact Custom Professional – best custom mouth guard for MMA

If you want the top level of protection, then the Impact Custom Professional MMA/Boxing/Muay Thai Mouthguard is the best. The advantage of these custom-made mouthguards is to have the most precise fit possible, so you do not have to worry about adjusting or molding the mouthguard to the shape of your teeth.

This is the most comfortable and protective type and the best MMA mouthguard 2021.

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  • Exact fit – so adjusted that you have to remove it with your fingers. You can not take it out with your tongue
  • Stay in place whatever happens when you receive a shock
  • Breathe and talk with ease compared to other types of mouthguards
  • Ideal for people who train hard and want the best level of protection


  • A bit expensive
  • The “skirt” was far too short and almost as high as your waist

Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouth Guard for Sports – BJJ and MMA mouthguard

It is the best mouthguard for MMA and boxing players. Supplying protection for athletes who have braces, The Double Braces mouthguard is intended to conform to both the upper and lower brace brackets, giving you immediate relaxation while preventing lacerations.

Substance design is 100 percent medical-grade silicone which adapts to the many changes in the mouth as teeth start to fix. This is the strapless version of the Double Braces.

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  • Conforms To Both Upper and Lower Brace
  • Center Breathing Channels
  • 100 Percent Medical-Grade Silicone
  • Laceration Prevention


  • Not Brace Friendly

SafeJAWZ Mouthguard

SAFEJAWZ Mouthguard is another branded mouthguard which is still on the top list of good quality mouthguards. It is an anti-gag ultra-slim profiled mouthguard which will ensure your teeth’s gum shield and ensure minimum interference. On top of that, it is constructed with JawSecure technology which is a pre-formed base mouthguard to give you protection for your jaw from hard smashes.

In addition, it has a FLUID FIT️ technology which offers you great retention and a secure fit. Apart from that, its ReModel Tech technology will provide you a repetitive fitting process to get an ideal fit.

It has a few sizing issues but it will worth your money because of its better quality.

SAFEJAWZ Mouthguard



  • anti-gag ultra-slim profiled mouthguard
  • constructed with JawSecure, FLUID FIT️, ReModel Tech technology


  • Ensures teeth’s gum shield and minimum interference
  • Protect jaw from hard smashes
  • Great retention and a secure fit


  • Sizing issues


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Shock Doctor Max Mouth Guard for Youth & Adult

The brand has made their very best mouthguard much better! By enhancing the gel-fit lining where your teeth sit, the Gel Max is now more straightforward to fit correctly. Also, they have engineered the mouthguard to have a convertible harness so that you may use your Gel Max strapped or strapless. All these enhancements were made without sacrificing the fantastic fit, comfort, and security you expect from the consistently dependable, never-fail Gel Max Mouth-guard.

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  • ExoSkeletal Shock Frame provides impact protection
  • Ultimate custom gel match technology molds into teeth for a tight, comfortable fit
  • Multi-Layer Construction with an internal shock-absorbing frame offers protection and fit that simplifies traditional mouthguards
  • Convertible Tether to use strapped or strapless


  • Too Small Size


Battle Fang-Edition Mouth Guard – Best mouthguard for braces


This best BJJ mouthguard implements advanced mouth security with security and functionality that rivals that of custom-molded mouthguards, for just a little cost.  Leaning on the organization’s patent-pending ever-mold composite, these mouthguards may be remolded and re-boiled and will still attain the ideal match. Battle Fang-Edition mouthguards are intended to endure a lifetime.  Having a guarantee, you can consider in the durability of those mouthguards equally as far as the producer does. Various Sizes the mouth guard is intended for a broad array of age classes. It’ll fit both adults in addition to children of 12 decades and over. You can present it to a snoring kid.  Price and Value Made for both youth and adult consumers and using a dental guarantee, the mouthguard will last a lifetime.Battle fang mouth guard

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  • Re-boil & re-Mould more than one occasions
  • Works with braces
  • Simple-Clip detachable strap with built-in protection free up
  • Limitless Faulty Ensure
  • Is available in early life and grownup sizes


  • It May not fit on everyone.


SISU Mouth Guards Junior 1.6mm – best for kids

The SISU Junior NextGen Best BJJ MouthGuard provides more security with less mouth shield. The Junior NextGen was made to match younger gamers ages 7-10 and is perfect for football, soccer, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, and other high-impact club sports. SISU’s NextGen models include improvements over the first that covers a broader bite pad, curved edges for comfort and improved mold-ability to guarantee a perfect match. Each of the best mouthguards for bjj sisu guards could be easily and quickly molded (and remolded) into the user in the home with warm water. At just 1.6mm thick, or 50% thinner than usual, tight mouth guards, players sporting the slender SISU Junior NextGen could speak, inhale and moisturize generally with the protector in place. Together with SISU guards, superior comfort doesn’t mean sacrificing security. The SISU Junior NextGen is scientifically engineered using Diffusion technologies, which employs a non-compressible, perforated substance to disperse impact forces over a larger area and decrease the risk of dental injury during a contest.

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  • Perfect for kids ages 7-10.
  • Custom Mold in Warm Water
  • Able to be remolded up to 20 Times
  • Children 11+ are likely in adult SISU mouth guards.




COOLLO sports boil and bite mouth guard:

Coollo sports mouthguard will comfortably fit in your mouth. this is a top quality mouthguard at a very reasonable price. It includes a non-slip pad and a circular pad on the bottom to protect teeth from grinding. It has passed the FDA compliance safety tests. For perfect usability make sure you are not using this with a brace.

Coollo Mouth guard


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  • Two Layer Construction.
  • Mold very easily.
  • Fit with all age groups.



Best BJJ Mouthguard Buying Guide

When you have a blow to your face, the impact of the punch or kick spreads like a shock wave between your jaw and the rest of your skull. A direct effect on the front of the teeth can even cause broken teeth. Often, when you receive an uppercut in the lower jaw, your teeth will collide, this is usually what will cause a broken or chipped tooth. In that condition, you have to choose the Best BJJ mouthguard. In this buying guide, we will discuss choosing the best bjj mouthguard.

However, many athletes are unaware of the different types of mouthguards available on the market, and few athletes know how to identify the appropriate mouth guard. The ideal mouth guard must offer maximum protection against dental damage while being healthy and comfortable. Besides, it can not interfere with breathing.

Unfortunately, all mouthguards do not respect these roles and properties. Today, the accessory comes in two versions on the market, namely single and double. The first model offers protection of the upper jaw only. The second, meanwhile, provides complete protection of the teeth. Whether you choose one version or another, the boxing mouthguard will not be effective if it does not mold your teeth thoroughly. Therefore, it will be necessary to prepare the accessory before use properly.

Today we propose to discover some Best BJJ mouthguards that meet all criteria.

Things to consider before buying the Best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu mouthguard

Fit and comfort

The most important factor that you should consider when buying a mouthguard is fit and comfort. If you buy protection that does not suit you enough, you increase the risk of hurting yourself when you are hit. If you use a mouth guard to boil or bite, you must make sure you spend the time necessary to adjust it as well as possible.

A well-fitting mouthguard will mold to your teeth so that when you open your mouth, it stays in place. In combat sports, it is essential that your mouthguard is as snug as possible so that it does not fall in the event of shocks.


Another factor that you must not forget to look at is size. I like having a mouthguard a little larger because I think it allows better shock absorption. In contrast, the side effect of having a wider mouthguard is that it is not as comfortable and protrudes a little when you close your mouth.

Depending on the mouthguard, your breathing may also be affected if you choose a mouthguard too obstructively. Make sure the mouthguard has a design that you like while providing sufficient protection.

Design and style

The last factor that can be considered when you buy a mouthguard is its design. If you order a personalized mouthguard, you can often print your name or logo on the guard. Depending on what you like, you can get custom text, images, and colors on the face.

If you want to have a custom color or text, you should expect to spend more. Since you will probably use your mouthguard for your life, this is something you could consider.

Since all bite mouthguards are made from the same material, they are all about the same regarding quality. So you can choose a mouthguard of this type according to the best design and brand you prefer. All major brands of boxing equipment sell mouthguards ready to use or bite, and most even offer a custom mouthguard option.

Single vs Double Mouthguard

A mouthguard is a protective gear to protect teeth which is able to custom fitting as well as flexible. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu mouthguard may not prevent head injury but can prevent slamming, breaking the teeth. Usually, there are two types of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu mouthguards. One is a single mouthguard. Another is a double mouthguard.

Single mouthguard is used for upper’s teeth protection and gum protection. A single mouthguard is designed to provide unhindered airflow.

Double mouthguard is made to protect both upper and lower teeth which offers complete protection.

Now the question is which one is the best? Common sense might recommend that a double-sided mouthguard may be the best. But the fact is, most athletes wear a single mouthguard which is for the upper teeth. The reasons behind this are,

    • A double-sided mouthguard is hard to take breaths through.
    • A practitioner may forget to drink water if he is wearing a double-sided Mouthguard.
    • Most of the time, the lower teeth’s damage is caused by contact with the upper teeth. So it is wise for him to take the lower mouthguard out of the equation.

How to clean a mouth guard perfectly

Mouthguards will help you to protect your teeth and gums while playing sports like BJJ, Muay Thai, Boxing hockey, and more. As we wore mouth guards inside our mouth, Which is a sensitive part of our body. So some hygienic issues will arise. Let’s check how we can solve this easily.

Method 1: Using Gentle soap

  • Buy a brush or try your useless but clean brush (Toothbrush)
  • You can use dish wash soap, hand, or antibacterial soap to wash.
  • Use lukewarm water and put attention to the pocket of dirt and plaque.
  • Rinse carefully and make sure all of the soap is washed off.

Method 2: Using Bleach

  • Using one part bleach to 10 parts water. Put this solution and mixture in a small bowl or container. Please do not use bleach if you have allergic issues with bleach. You may choose available other options. Make sure you are using gloves for your skin protection.
  • Soak this for 5 minutes. Do not reuse the solution again. Now rinse carefully and make sure no more bleach is left on the mouth guard.

Method 3: Denture Cleaner

  • Purchase a denture-cleaning tablet Fill a bowl or container and drop the tablet. Put the mouth guard in this solution a few minutes later. Now, wait for 5 to 10 minutes. Do not leave the mouthguard this solution for the whole night or long time.
  • Wash it, Rinse it then put it back in the container.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get rid of stickiness?

  • Put toothpaste or baking soda and brush it carefully with a toothbrush. Use warm water for better improvement. If it does not work then go for a new one.

How often should we clean our mouthguard?

  • Clean your mouthguard every day if possible. This will help you to remove bacteria and prevent them from turning it yellow or make the bed smell.


If you are practicing boxing, MMA, or karate, and are you looking for good protection for your gums and teeth? Depending on your specific needs and tastes, you’ll find that there are many styles of sports-specific mouthguards, including the Venum Challenger. The Gel Max Shock Doctor mouthguard is the best BJJ mouthguard for all contact sports. It is easy to mold, holds well in the mouth, and offers complete protection for teeth and gums. It does not prevent breathing and does not interfere with sports performance. All for an excellent price. We hope our Best BJJ mouthguard reviews helped you to choose your desire mouthguard. For all kind of Martial art equipment, stay with us MartialBoss.com