Best cup for BJJ | Most protective Groin guard reviews 2021

Does anyone compromise on their protection? Obviously, the answer would be NO. We always prefer protection first in sports. Regarding our best cup for bjj and combat sports comes to help you to choose the best of best protective gear in the market.

BJJ is a ground base martial arts. It is rare to find direct blows in this sport. You may think that, In this slow sport, wearing protection is not necessary.

Well, anyone having experience hard rolling can understand it’s not true. Who knows a hard knee can blow your jowls and do permanent damage. Manhood should not be put in danger for saving a little money. The groin protection or Cup is as important as wearing a Gi and a belt in your training and sparring.

To focus on the game you need to be confident. and securing yourself properly will boost confidence. So what are you waiting for, pick up your best groin cup for bjj  2021 from the tested list



Diamond MMA Athletic Cup Groin Protector
  • Durable polyurethane polyurea copolymer material
  • Diamond shape Design
  • Premium spandex and elastics
  • Properly tailored cup pocket
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Shock Doctor Compression Shorts with Bio-Flex Cup
  • Bio flex shield
  • Core flex pocket lock
  • Dual mesh fabric
  • Bio-shape design for better ventilation
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lobloo Aeroslim Female Patented Athletic Pelvic Cup
  • Designed with extra legroom
  • Slim cup design
  • One time setup system
  • Easy lock leg strap
  • Adjustable waistband
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Venum “Challenger Groin Guard
  • Dry tech materials
  • Double layer protection
  • Improved ventilation
  • Rubber gel shield inside
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Shock Doctor Jock Strap Supported BioFlex Cup
  • Jock strap with bioflex cup
  • Comfortable micro knit waistband
  • Easy removal pocket
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RDX Groin Protector
  • Maya hide leather
  • Lace and elastic waist band support
  • Carbon fiber cove
  • Adjustable Loop and hook jock strap
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Diamond MMA 4 Strap Supporter Jock and Cup
  • Premium level material
  • Four Strap jock & cup system
  • Well tailored cup pocket
  • Drawstring for custom fitting
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Fairtex GC2 Muay Thai Steel Cups Steel Cup
  • Aluminum Alloy Steel Cup protection
  • Adjustable three lace straps
  • Covered with leather
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Mcdavid Boxer Short  Protective Flex Cup
  • Hydravent moisture technology
  • New flex cup design
  • Easy access pocket
  • Five hole ventilation system
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lobloo Thai Cup 2.0 Patented Athletic Groin Cup
  • Improved Thai cup
  • Extra soft plastic edge
  • Adjustable waist band
  • Leg strap for easy lock
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#1 Diamond MMA Athletic Cup Groin Protector

Thinking about protection, comfort and fitting in one cup? You need to go nowhere. The diamond Groin protector has all the features that a fighter looks for.

It was designed by the team of experts after a long experiment. And also approved by the Urologists and doctors. The Strap jock and cup system ensure to hold the cup perfectly. Properly tailored cup pocket holds the cup in the right place. Its diamond shape and elastomer design also gives extra groin protection.

Diamond flex cup

The cup is made with a durable and flexible polyurethane polyurea copolymer without any latex. The Premium spandex and elastics are made with military standards. The plastic material used in this cup is also used in bulletproof glass !

This blue and black color combined cup is a tight fitting but comfortable. It is slightly pricey but it is worth your every penny.


– Durable polyurethane polyurea copolymer material
– Diamond shape Design
– Premium spandex and elastics
– Properly tailored cup pocket


  • Elastomer extra Protection
  • Cup Stuck perfectly during rolling
  • Comfortable fitting
  • Extremely light weight




#2 Shock Doctor Compression Shorts with Bio-Flex Supporter Cup Included.

Shock Doctor is a reliable name in protective gear manufacturing. They made another best one for your groin protection.

The bio flex cup comes up with an excellent vented bio shape design which confirms the best long lasting protection and breathability. The athletic friendly model will allow you to move comfortably and smoothly.

shock doctor compression cup

Trying a wider range of moves the cup won’t lose positions. And the hilarious part is that the cup is suitable for almost every sport like Football, MMA, Hockey, Cricket and more.

You will feel the cup comfortable when you find this one closely fit to you. You must need to pay extra attention on Sizing issues. It fits well in smaller sizes. Bigger size than the requirement could be harmful for you.


– Bio flex shield
– Core flex pocket lock
– Dual mesh fabric
– Bio-shape design for better ventilation


  • Ultimate protection
  • Durable material
  • Comfortable fit
  • Compatible for almost every sports


  • Must select the perfect size unless you can not hold the cup position.

Best BJJ pelvic cup For Women

#3 lobloo Aeroslim Female Patented Athletic Pelvic Cup for Standup Sports

The Ibloo AEROSLIM female pelvic cup is specially made for womens, maintaining the European standards. This Cup has been tested by the top level athletes. And this one is compatible for all the close combat sports.

The slim design will help you to move freely. It also allows you for upright position movements. Extended length of this cup will protect you from the blow from a lower position. You will experience comfort wearing this for its soft and removable silicon rim.

Female pelvic cup

Easy lock leg strap along with adjustable waistband makes it fit perfectly. The One time setup feature will definitely save your time if you use it properly.

NB: We have selected the best cup for women in here. My friend and fighting partner lynda helped me to write this one.


– Designed with extra legroom
– Slim cup design
– One time setup system
– Easy lock leg strap
– Adjustable waistband



  • Hold the cup properly
  • Soft and comfortable cup
  • Allow movement freely
  • Extended length provides extra protection
  • Compatible for almost every combat sports



#4 Venum “Challenger Groin Guard and Support

Venum Challenger groin guard is the best option to choose for combat sports. Its anatomical design will allow your flexible mobility during the game.
This venum cup uses a double layer shock absorber for better protection. A rubber gel shield confirms perfect fitting.

venum groin guard
The dry tech material for ventilation is used to improve the wick sweat condition. This breathability is developed for faster evaporation of sweat. This is also a lightweight cup without any rigidity which feels cool and smooth.
Focus on perfect sizing before ordering this. The cup size could be smaller than it looks like

– Dry tech materials
– Double layer protection
– Improved ventilation
– Rubber gel shield inside



  • Useful for almost every sports
  •  Lightweight Cup
  •  faster evaporation of sweat
  • Comfortable fitting



#5 Shock Doctor Jock Strap Supporter with BioFlex Cup Included

Another quality product from Shock doctor. The shock doctor jock Strap with a bioflex cup is designed in a vented bio shape model. This feature ensures the proper shield where the protection is most needed. It will comfortably fit with you and allow you to move wisely. You can easily remove your cup from its cup pocket before machine washing

Superb quality micro knit waistband will reduce your irritation. It is made with an anti odor moisture wicking system that will keep your skin cool and dry. It is a lightweight cup with a proper ventilation system.

Shock doctor jock strap

The cup is durable and Comfortable but stitching of the jock strap is not to the mark.

Pro tips- Order one size larger than your regular size from the size chart

– Jock strap with bioflex cup
– Comfortable micro knit waistband
– Easy removal pocket



  • Wrap around support
  • Breathable cup
  • Durable material
  • Holds cup perfectly


  • Poor jock strap stitching.

#6 RDX Groin Protector for Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing and MMA Fighting

RDX groin guard is made with premium quality MAYA hide leather.If any big guy is looking for a perfect groin protection then RDX is the best choice. Its ergonomic design is mostly adjustable with every jock strap. It also has the option to use additional cup for extra protection.It is a Shatterproof cup which is reliable for BJJ, MMA, Kickboxing,Muay thai and more.

RDX groin protector

Closed cell rim doubled the protection during Sparring and training. This cup is extremely shock resistant for its hard shell triangular steel with carbon fiber cover. It will tightly fit the body with its adjustable loop and hook jock strap system. In addition, Its lace and elastic band will support you to fit perfectly. The soft vinyl materials are easy to clean and sanitize.

– Maya hide leather
– Closed cell rim
– Carbon fiber cover
– Lace and elastic waist band support
– adjustable Loop and hook jock strap
– Additional cup pocket



  • Comfortable lightweight
  • Compatible with almost every sports
  • Advantages for big guys
  • Easy to clean



#7 Diamond MMA 4 Strap Supporter Jock and Cup

The Diamond MMA Groin protector is the most effective for close combat sports like BJJ, Muay thai, MMA and more. It is constructed with premium elastics and maintains a military grade standard. The groin guard is tested and approved by the doctors.

Diamon jock strap

The diamond shaped design secures your protection perfectly. Four strap jock & cup system will help you to hold the cup in place. The cup also has the pocket system that prevents the vertical and lateral movement of the cup. Drawstring feature will provide you with a custom fitting. Keep in mind that the Diamond cup is designed for tight fitting. But it does not make you feel uncomfortable.

If you can not find the perfect fitting then You may face problems rolling BJJ. So choose the size wisely.

-Premium level material
-Four Strap jock & cup system
-Well tailored cup pocket
-Drawstring for custom fitting



  • Diamond shape provides extra protection
  • Easy and fast wear
  • Compatible for combat sports
  • Prevents movements of the Cup



#8 Fairtex GC2 Muay Thai Steel Cups Steel Cup Groin GC2 Protector

The fairtex GC2 groin protector cup is mostly popular for its great fitting and protection. The aluminum alloy steel cup is covered with leather which protects you from any blows. The cup is easily adjustable for three lace strap design. You can find this comfortable with a suitable size fitting. This one also allows you to move freely.

Fairtex cup

The traditional thai fairtex GC2 cup comes up with three different sizes. You can find your perfect one among them. The cup does not dislocate from your part during your training and sparring. And this groin protector is mostly useful for BJJ, Muay Thai, MMA, Kickboxing and more combat sports.

The Cup is a little bit pricey than a regular protector in the market. But I think nobody will compromise to protect their jewel for pricing issues.


– Aluminum Alloy Steel Cup protection
– Adjustable three lace straps
– Covered with leather



  • Compatible for almost every Combat sports
  • Stays in a place
  • High quality Materials
  • Availability of Sizes
  • Easily adjustable
  • Free shipping


  • Price is slightly high.

#9 Mcdavid Boxer Short w/ Protective Flex Cup, Youth & Adult sizes

USA base Mcdavid boxer groin guard is much more compatible for youth and adults. New flex cup design will protect you from injury and help to reduce pain.

It is constructed with high quality materials. Stretch fabric and hydravent moisture technology keeps it dry and cool which makes it much comfortable.

This is a lightweight cup made with polyester and spandex. This cup is also popular for its great ventilation system. Its five holes on the body provide the proper breathability without compromising protection.


– Hydravent moisture technology
– New flex cup design
– Easy access pocket
– Five hole ventilation system



  • Extremely lightweight
  • High quality materials
  • Keeps Cool and dry
  • Comfortable fitting



#10 lobloo Thai Cup 2.0 Patented Athletic Groin Cup

The lobloo thai cup is designed and made by the Swedish expert athletes team. It is compatible for multiple sports like BJJ, MMA, Kickboxing, grappling and many more. This groin guard is awarded by the European health, safety and environment certification.

It is a traditionally and aesthetically designed thai cup. Its soft edge plastic absorbs the force. The awesome ventilation system keeps the part cool and dry. That is why the part stays clean and fresh and also reduces hygienic issues.

Its adjustable waistband fits easily.on the other side regular knots of leg strap helps to adjust perfectly. The cup maintains the one time setup process, adjusts the strap properly, then starts your unrestricted movement with protection.


– Improved Thai cup
– Extra soft plastic edge
– Adjustable waist band
– Leg strap for easy lock



  • Aesthetically ventilation system
  • Keeps the part cool and dry
  • Adjustable one time setup
  • Easily washable
  • Lightweight cup



Why do you need to wear a cup?

The groin protector or the cup secured the protection where it needed most. Following the American Family Physician, There are 2 or 5 % of the injuries that occur in this area.
We don’t know from where the pressure or kick will come to you. This kind of hit could be a cause of serious problems in your manhood.

The Cup protects our sensitive part from the blunt trauma injuries. The damage could occur in ligaments, internal structures and joins.

A number of practitioners believe that Cup is less necessary in BJJ. But I always prefer
Protection and security in sports. Unless BJJ, the groin protection is a must for other direct combat sports like Muay Thai, MMA, Boxing and more.

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Groin Protector Buying guide: Things to consider before decide.

Material: Plastic or Steel?

If you have gone through the article then you already know that the groin cup is made either in Plastic or in Steel. Different materials are used in these cups to make them special from each other. Most common materials used in these cups are polycarbonate, Thermopolymer and military grade spandex.

Taking about the steel cup, it will provide you protection against extreme force. But this could be very uncomfortable for you if you could not find the perfect fitting size for you. Somewhat, a loose fitting steel cup could be risky for you.

Plastic cups also provide protection as much as steel cups do. This one is much lighter than the steel one. But this could break against extreme level blows if the cup is not properly fit to you or it is a low quality cup. People usually tend to buy the plastic cup.

Sizing and Fitting

Size is a major issue for choosing the groin protector. The cup you are going to own should be snug enough for not to slip from your part during rolling, training or sparring.

Renowned manufacturers usually provide more options to choose. Choosing the right size depends on your waist size. Every brand has their sizing direction to help you.

if you choose a tighter cup then you could feel uncomfortable to move freely. The tighter cup will create pressure on your testicles. on the other hand, if you choose a loose fitting cup then you are in trouble. During your rolling, training or sparring the looser guard will slip from the position. It’s irritating to readjust the cup in the middle of the game. you will lose your concentration which is not good for the sports.

So focus on the fitting, neither the tither one nor the looser one.


You can find groin guards that are attractive in looking. But that does not help you at all. The cup you are wearing or going to wear must be comfortable. Otherwise you can not move or roll freely. An uncomfortable cup is snug enough to break your concentration during a game. For your perfect comfort, the cup should not be much tighter or much looser.
You can get help from customer reviews from where you are purchasing the product is. But all the products we have reviewed have passed the comfort test.


Why do we wear a cup ? The only reason is for protection. So whatever we are going to choose that has to be protective enough. The groin guard is kind of compulsory mostly for combat sports. Intentionally or unintentionally hit from elbow or knee could cause you damage to your testicles. To Protect this, make sure the cup is wide enough to save the lateral side of testicles. You must not compromise in protection for your jewels. Because to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Types of cups: Compression Cup vs Jock Strap

Compression Shorts

Compression shorts that are made for BJJ, MMA, or for combat sports are different from the regular compression shorts. Here you will get advanced features that are designed for these sports specially.

The compression shorts have a sleeve where you can easily fit your cup in. The shorts are tight but flexible enough to hold your cup in a place perfectly. It also has a pocket system to remove the cup whenever you want. That makes it easy to wash the shorts in the washing machine. But keep in mind that every shorts are designed in different ways. So, not every cup will adjust on every shorts.

Jock Strap

Jock strap known as traditional groin protector. This mostly looks like underwear or a smaller groin guard holding by several straps. Most of the time elastic material is used in jockstraps. It is popular for its custom fitting option. Drawstring lace will help you to fit the jock strap comfortably and increase the flexibility. Big guys with big waist people get benefited during their training and sparring by wearing the jock straps.

Most popular brands for Groin guards


Diamond MMA brand is renowned for their high quality full groin protector made for close combat sports. It comes with a compression short cup and jockstrap cup. Both of them are popular among athletes. You will find everyone in the market working on making a protective groin guard but few of them are meeting the expectation.
Craig and his team designed, tested and developed this athletic cup and compression jock to meet all the expectations that a sports man looks for. They used quad strap technology that ensured zero movement of the cup during training and sparring.
The diamond shape design will provide you with extra protection. It helps to reduce testicular injury. So your manhood will be safe with diamond MMA.

Shock doctor

The shock doctor started their journey in 1993 with a mouthguard. They are mostly popular for their mouth pieces. But in 2004, Shock doctor started making their first protective cup.
For their years of experiences, they made excellent protective gears for combat sports.

There are three most popular protective cups of shock doctor you will find on the market.
Shock Doctor Compression Shorts with Bio-Flex Cup
Shock Doctor Jock Strap with BioFlex Cup
Shock Doctor Ultra Pro Jockstrap Cup
You can choose wisely among them either the compression shorts cup or jockstrap cup. All of them are approved by doctors and urologists. So if you are looking for a cup that provides perfect fitting, comfort and protection at the same time then Shock doctor groin guard will be the best choice for you.


Mcdavid is USA base Company. They started their journey in 1969 by Dr. Robert F. McDavid Jr with the product of knee brace for football. Now the Company is providing sports medicine, Protection gear and performance apparel to the athletes.

Their first priority is making the groin guard to prevent injuries. The materials they mostly use are Polyester, Spandex, Polypropylene and TPR Rubber. They also use patented technology to make the cup more protective and comfortable. It has five airflow holes to keep the part cool and dry.

Final Words

What we have discussed above here is indicating the importance of wearing a groin guard. The cup we need to use to prevent the injuries. For combat sports like MMA, Muay thai, Boxing, wearing a cup is almost compulsory. Unlike you want to get hurt and damage on the testicular.

The choice may vary from person to person. Some of us will select the cup prioritizing the design, budget, comfort and protection. Considering these, we have written the best cup for bjj to meet everyone’s choice. We hope you have found what you are looking for.

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