The Best free standing punching bag For 2021 – Review & Guide

If you need MMA, kickboxing, or karate training at home, you’ll need the best free standing punching bag like Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag. Several reasons favor the idea of the freestanding punching bag. First of all, they do not require any additional support. You also need not hang it or have to follow other types of the installation process.Best free standing punching bag

Instead, the key benefit is that you can start your practice right after unboxing the bag. The assembly of such bags is easier too. You are free of drilling the walls, hanging the bag and then starting the practice. So, for your convenience, here are ten free standing punching bag reviews. They will help you to get some definite ideas about the bags and get yours for the next practices.


Note: for your convenience, we have made two parts of this punching bag reviews article based on the recommendations of the first-hand users and online reviews. In the first part, you will get the reviews of the products. And the second part will help you to get the right know-how to get a freestanding bag. After going through them, you will not fall victim to lucrative advertisements.

So, let’s start the journey.

Punching bag comparison chart



Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag
  • Dimension:4-6 ft tall10
  • Weight:35.3 pounds Stainless steel tube stand10
More Details


Everlast Power Core Bag
  • Dimension: 54″ to 65″10
  • Weight: 24.2 pounds for extensive workout10
More Details


Ringside Heavy Bag
  • Dimension: 58 x 15 x 24 inches10
  • Weight: 9.9 pounds home & commercial gym10
More Details


Everlast Dual Station
  • Dimension: 10
  • Weight: 10
More Details


Century Youth V.SPAR.1 Versys
  • Dimension: 5′ 6″10
  • Weight: 44.7 pounds Large striking surface10
More Details


Century Wavemaster
  • Dimension: 48 x 24 x 24 inches10
  • Weight: 24 pounds made in USA!10
More Details


MENGDUO Inflatable Punching Bag
  • Dimension: 160*65cm/63*25.6inch10
  • Weight: 800g/1.8lb made in USA!10
More Details


Everlast New Omniflex
  • Dimension: 24 x 24 x 67 inches10
  • Weight: 28.6 pounds High grade, shock absorbing foam10
More Details


Wavemaster Powerline
  • Dimension: 47 x 25 x 25 inches10
  • Weight: 29 pounds high density foam10
More Details


U’King Heavy Boxing Bag
  • Dimension: 47-73in tall10
  • Weight: 44.1 pounds stainless steel tube stand10
More Details

1.Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag – Top floor standing punch bag

Dripex freestanding punching bag is a wonder for those who want to practice boxing or MMA at home. The bag comes with some unique features and flexibility. Besides, it can provide a sense of comfort while the practice is on. Pricing is not a big issue here.Dripex freestanding punching bag

Features and Specification

Easy assembly: This Dripex punching bag is on the top of the list for several reasons. First of all, you will not need to assemble the bag. The manufacturer assembles the bag in the factory. As a result, the users will remain free of hassles. But the view is the opposite in most other cases. Users are to assemble the bag, which is a great trouble for many.

Suits everyone: Moreover, the Dripex freestanding punching bag is suitable for everyone. No matter if you are professional or an amateur, you can use the bag without any trouble. At the same time, children can also use the bag. Due to its versatility and softness, anyone can start practicing with the bag.

Shock absorbance: The other feature that everyone likes is the shock absorbance. In general, mainstream punching bags cannot absorb shock. They bounce back, which may injure the people practicing. But if the bag absorbs the punching shocks, you are safe from the trouble. The upgraded shock absorbance system reduces the vibration, and you can continue the practice without any worry.

Well-padded: Comfort is the other feature of this punching bag. It comes with a comfortable pad. So, when you punch or kick during the practice, there are fewer chances of injury. The soft outer leather surface with inner EPE foam ensures that the users will not get any extra pressure while practicing.

Stable floor sucking base: Moreover, the bag stands on the floor firmly because of the suction cup. The suction cups are strong, and they are twelve in number. So, even if you hit harder, there would be no position change in the bag. It will remain in the same position. This is another impressive feature of the bag. And you can also use the bag on any even floor anywhere.

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  • Around 69-inches tall
  • Advanced shock-absorbing system
  • Stable on floor
  • Top-quality material for durability
  • Spring removal for less vibration


  • The price is a bit higher
  • Need to fill sand

2.Everlast Power Core Bag – Free standing punching bag under 100

Looking for a cheap and punching bag under 100 but an effective punching bag for yourself then, This Everlast Power Core Bag is in the second position of the review list. In most of the cases, boxers need a large punching bag for practice. Without a giant bag, this is not possible to determine the boxing and kicking areas. Hence, the manufacturer has provided the feature. There are certain other features available, as well. always remember if you practice with all types of punch like muay thai have 8 different punch types then you definitely consider high quality and heavy-duty punching bag which we discuss on our fourth product.

everlast power punching bag under 100

Features and Specification

Large size: The most impressive feature is the size. It’s huge! So, whenever you practice, you will not feel that you need something significant. Simultaneously, it will not cover a larger area to place. The sleek design ensures that the bag remains in a small space.

Fits your wallet: The other concern of the users is the budget of the punching bag. If the bag fits their budget, they do not have all the features. And if there are ample features, they cannot afford the bag. But the scenario is different here. The price is reasonable, with lots of features.

Easy installation: On the other part, the installation process is more natural too. You need not make any holes or drills in your walls to hang the bag. It’s a freestanding bag that requires almost no installation. You are to adjust the suction cups on the floor. And the bag will stand by it-self. So, many of the users find it convenient.

Perfect for beginners: Simultaneously, the punching bag is the best fit for beginners. The bag comes with the latest technology. It can provide options for boxing, kicking, and other types of MMA practice. The beginners find it inconvenient as they do not know when or where to start. But with this bag, there are no such issues at all.

Helps burning fats: The bag is durable and comes with the necessary features. So, if you need to shape-up your muscles or burn your fats, this is the most excellent option. Hitting the bag is comfortable, and you can apply various hitting and boxing techniques. Consequently, you will burn your fats, get a stronger body. Also don’t miss our other article on best bjj mouth guard for your safety.

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  • Larger size but occupies small space
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Comfortable hitting
  • Endures strike of low and high force
  • Budget-friendly


  • Foam disintegrates
  • Not that much durable as advertised

3.Ringside Freestanding Boxing Punching – best free standing punching bag for boxing

Looking for a heavy punching bag for boxing then this review for you. Ringside Freestanding boxing punching bag is on the third position of the list for some particular reasons. The bag is durable with a smart design. Moreover, synthetic leather is the other cause of preferring it, which also absorbs the shock.

Ringside best free standing punching bag for boxing

Features and Specification

Comfortable practice: If you need convenient training at home, this is the suitable one for you. The bag is manufactured using synthetic leather with high-quality foam. So, whenever you hit the bag, you will not feel any sort of pain in your fist or leg. As a result, the bag is also suitable for children as well.

Easy swinging: Besides, the bag can swing easily, which is not possible for the other available bags in the market. With each of your hit, the bag will swing around that will help you determine your hitting strength. Interestingly, it is tough to knock down the bag unless you apply the full force of your fist and leg.

Solid base: At times, the boxers are in deep trouble with the punching bag base. With some of the punches and kicks, the bag goes down. And they need to stand it again. But if there is a solid base, they will not have such issues. Based on this ground, the manufacturer has added reliable support. No matter what is your hitting force, the bag will remain in the same position absorbing the shock.

Versatile application: Alongside the practice of kickboxing, you can also use the bag for other fitness workouts. The bag comes with a design that allows users to have some cardio exercises. But this is not possible with the ordinary punching bags around.

Larger size: The bag is over 6 feet in length. This is a generous size for practicing boxing and kicking. Since the size is more extensive, you can hit anywhere you want. In other cases, you have to set an aim and then have to hit. But there are no such restrictions here. Besides, the weight of the bag is also moderate. You can use over 250 pounds of water or sand in the base to fill it.


  • Durable than regular bags
  • Reasonable price range
  • Simple assembly and setting
  • Usable with water or sand
  • Standard height


  • Excessive recoil
  • Bag may bend

4.Everlast Dual Station Punching Bag Stand – Dual station heavy bag stand

Our number four punching bag is Duel station heavy-duty punching bag with a stand, Alongside the freestanding punching bags, we have placed this bag stand on the list. Not all freestanding bags can stand without support. This bag stand ensures a firm position for the bag inside your home or in a gym.

everlast dual station punching bag

Features and Specification

Durable stand: First of all, the bag stand is durable. The manufacturer has added active materials so that the bag can stand firmly even with a tremendous blow. The rating for the stand is positive, and people prefer it for extra strength.

Supports heavy-weight: Moreover, the bag stand can support a huge wait. The maximum capacity of the stand is around 100 pounds. Usually, not all the available punching bag stands can bear such a weight. Moreover, the majority of the bags never cross the 100-pound weight range. Thereby, it would be an excellent option for you.

Cost-effective: At the same time, the stand is cost-effective. You will need to spend lots of dollars to have the product. Moreover, you will get all the additional elements with the package. Therefore, you need not get them additionally from around, which is friendly to your wallet as well.

Versatile use: Besides, you can use the stand for several purposes. First of all, you can use the stand to hold your punching bag. Moreover, there is another option for holding the speed bag. Not all the punching bag stands have a small boxing bag holder. So, you have another opportunity to hang the bag and keep practicing.


  • Versatile application
  • Heavy-duty bag holding
  • Budget-friendly
  • Metal construction
  • Dimension is 66.5 inches x 47.6 inches x 86.2 inches


  • Assembly may take more time
  • Speed bag may get loose

5.Century Youth V.SPAR.1 Versys Punching Bag – Top century free standing punching bag

If you are a young athlete, this product from Century is the suitable one. Considering the aspects, we have placed this one in the fifth position. The manufacturer mostly produces punching bags for young athletes. As a result, the size and shape are comparatively smaller. But the youths can strike entirely to complete their practice session and this is one of the top brand century free standing punching bags. century free standing punching bag

Features and Specification

Versatile: The freestanding bag is applicable to different tasks. If you need general training, you can use it. If you need to practice kickboxing, no worries. The bag is suitable for that too. The traditional martial artists also prefer it as they can also have the option to practice with the bag.

Heavy-duty construction: You know what – mainstream standing bags do not last long. And the key reason is construction. The manufacturers do not use the right types of materials that lead to the early decay of the bags. However, the issues might be resolved if there are quality materials. This particular product comes with heavy-duty vinyl. Besides, high-impact foam is inside as well.

Pre-filled base: Usually, you have to fill the bottom of the box either with sand or water. But in this case, there are no such issues at all. The bag comes with a pre-filled base. Thereby, you are getting the option of continuing the practice as long as you want without any hassle. This is the other reason that people love this bag.

Tested: Further, after the manufacturing of the freestanding bags, the company examines them through experts. This is a complicated and expensive process, but the manufacturer takes care of it. As a result, the end-level users are not in trouble while practicing.


  • Durable performance
  • Top-quality materials
  • Multiple application
  • Suitable for training and balance
  • Larger size for exact strike


  • No return for faulty products
  • The design needs an improvement

6. Century Original Wavemaster Freestanding bag

Century is one of the leading brands in freestanding bag manufacturing. So, this is the other freestanding bag that is on the sixth position of the list. The bag is adjustable with some other exclusive features. The price is also up to the mark. Most importantly, the freestanding bag is suitable for all types of users.century orginal wavemaster free standing punching bag

Features and Specification

Adjustment: No matter if your height is not standard or if your kid needs to practice karate. You can adjust the height of the bag. Contemporary freestanding bags rarely have the same feature. In fact, if the height is more, it becomes tough to keep practicing. Hitting on the right position is not always happening in such cases.

But with the adjustment of the height, you can quickly get rid of it.

Portable: Portability is the other issue that you will wonder about. Usually, people set a freestanding punching bag in a specific place. But at times, you need to remove the position or replace the bag. So, if the bag is not portable, it would be a trouble for you. However, the bag from this manufacturer is portable easily. Thereby, you can take it anywhere you want.

Heavy base: The other reason for preferring the product is the massive base. It has a solid base. So, if you hit harder, the bag will rock. It will not get displaced. This is an impressive feature that you must like. In other cases, the bags are not that solid. So, after a complete or comprehensive training, you need not adjust the bag.

Versatile function: Not only kickboxing or practicing karate, martial arts, or other sports, you can use the bag for regular training as well. Punching, kicking is the standard form of practicing MMA, and you can do it effortlessly. A notable number of people apply the versatility of the bag in their regular practice.


  • Comfortable padding
  • Easy assembly
  • Versatile application for everyone
  • Suitable for kids and youngsters
  • Round base for rolling


  • Not ideal to people over 6 feet
  • Not that much stable as expected

7. MENGDUO Inflatable Free Standing Punching Bag – Cheap Free stand punching bag

MENGDUO is one of the most favorite freestanding punching bag producers. The bags come with certain benefits that make them famous. Besides, the rating of the bag is also higher, considering the other usual punching bags. Based on all the factors, we have placed it in the seventh position.Mengduo inflatable punching bag

Features and Specification

Moderate length: The bag is average in length. It is approximately 63 inches in height. The most impressive feature is that the bag is suitable for women boxers and trainees. Usually, the majority of the bags are meant for men. Women do not have any such particular bags. They are to practice on the bags for children. But this particular product brings a sense of relief for them.

Quality materials: On the other part, the bag is made with durable and environment-friendly materials. The manufacturer has applied PVC for the construction of the bag. Consequently, the bag lasts longer. And it will have no negative impact on the environment.

Comfortable base: The base of the product is comfortable as well. You can fill the base using water or sand. Most of the people prefer using sand as those are heavier. Some of the users said that using water is not sufficient, and the base moves frequently. So, if you apply sand to fill the base, you can get reliable performance.


  • 60 inches in length
  • Fills with water and sand
  • Not harmful to the environment
  • Inflating upper part
  • Three air pockets


  • Not suitable for professionals
  • Moves across the floor

8. Everlast New Omniflex Freestanding 

The durability and top-quality materials are the critical factors behind selecting this particular device. If you need something special, this Everlast freestanding bag is for you. At the same time, the bag provides stability and flexibility while you practice. The features are not available with the other bags in the contemporary markets.

Everlast new heavy punching bag

Features and Specification

High-quality product: This is a top-quality product for many reasons. First of all, the materials of the product belong to the top class. Never material is one of the most excellent materials that can provide sustainable performance. So, you can expect better longevity while using this freestanding punching bag.

Shock absorbing: Many of the bags do not have a shock-absorbing feature. They simply bounce back or recoil. As a result, if the person practicing is not careful, they may get a physical injury. However, if the freestanding punching bag absorbs the shock, you can expect a smooth practice at home or any other place.

Comfortable pad: Moreover, the bag comes with a convenient padding feature. If you hit hard in the bag, you will not feel pain in the joints. This is a common feature with the other bags that you must have some precautions before starting the practice to prevent injury. The experience will be different here. The dense foam and leather will work as a cushion.

Stability: The base of this freestanding bag is more massive. So, you are getting substantial support. Most of the cases, the base is not solid, which invites various disorders during the practice session. If the base is solid, there would be no additional movement. You can use the bag for practice without any worry.


  • Stability ensured
  • Durable performance
  • Top-quality materials
  • Flexible neck joint
  • Easy practicing


  • Weight is not as heavy as expected
  • No return policy

9. Wavemaster Powerline

When you are in need of something unique and incredible, this is the best product for you. We have placed the Wavemaster Powerline on the ninth position considering its innovative features. Besides, the price is also up to the mark. The range of the bag is also moderate (ranges between 47 inches to 68 inches).

wavemaster powerline punching bag review

Features and Specification

Fits everyone: The bag is moderate in height and weight. So, it fits all types of athletes. If you are under height or above six feet, you can easily practice with the bag. But the other ordinary bags will not provide you the same feature. Thereby, if you are worried about the height and weight issue, you can get this one without a second thought.

Solid plastic base: The base of the product is solid as well. With heavy-duty plastic, the manufacturer has prepared the base. So, you can use the bag at any time you need. Besides, being a plastic base, you can move the bag anywhere you need. This is the other feature that you will fall in love with. Else, you can fill the base either with water or sand. Both will fit in the bag perfectly.

Versatile application: At the same time, the bag is suitable for all types of sports. If you want to practice karate, keep going. If you need to learn Mixed Martial Art, you can do that too and smoothly. Boxing and kickboxing is the most common practicing form here.

Comfortable interior: The freestanding bag is made with vinyl while there is dense foam inside. So, when you hit the bag, you will not feel uncomfortable. Usually, hitting on the leather exterior may cause irritation in the hand or leg. But there are no such issues with vinyl. Thereby, this is an excellent option for you to keep practicing for hours.


  • Durable and longer performance
  • Reasonable price
  • Suites everyone
  • Comfortable practice
  • Adjustable size


  • Size is smaller than advertised
  • Good for beginners alone

10. U’King Adult & Kids Freestanding Punching Bag

We are in the last phase, and this is the final product on our list. We have selected the punching bag considering the features and flexibilities. The bag is suitable for both adults and children. This is an exclusive benefit from this bag, which is rarely available in the other such bags. Moreover, the shock-absorbing system is also up to the mark.

U'king adult and kids freestanding punching bag

Features and Specification

Suitable anywhere: If you need a workout at home or office or any other convenient space, you can easily set this freestanding bag up. It works perfectly on any type of even floor. So, if you need to have a small workout at the office, you can place the bag there. Besides, you can also set it up to your garage or any other more modest space.

Both adults and kids: At the same time, both the adults and kids can use the bag without any trouble. The height is moderate, which makes it convenient for them to keep practicing. It comes with a height of 67 inches. So, if you are an adult, you can use the bag for punching practice. If you have children at home, they can also do the similar.

Modern shock absorbing technique: On the other hand, the bag owns the most ergonomic shock-absorbing features. It will not recoil even with the hardest kick or punch. At times, the users are worried about the recoil as there are chances of physical injury with the recoil. But once you get this punching bag, you are free of such concerns.

Stability: Moreover, this bag is stable enough to absorb the most significant punch or kick. The sturdy floor sucking base will keep the bag standing no matter how hard you hit it. There are 12 suction cups that will attach to the floor like glue.


  • Optimum stability
  • Base tank rolling feature
  • Stainless steel tube
  • Multi-layer construction
  • Larger shape and size


  • The outlook needs improvement
  • Assembly may take time

Final verdict 

Now, we have reviewed the ten best free standing punching bags. They are great and have lots of features to admire. On the contrary, the number of demerits is also visible. But you know, there is nothing in the world that comes with positive aspects alone. We are to adjust.

So, our editorial judgment says that the Century Original Wavemaster Freestanding bag (positioned in number 6) is the most suitable one. It has a number of merits, while the demerits are negotiable. This freestanding punching bag has all the necessary features that a professional will need for extensive training.

Hence, if you need to have a freestanding punching bag for your everyday needs, this is the most suitable one. Once you realize the benefits, you can quickly minimize the disadvantages. Moreover, the price is also reasonable too.

What You Should Consider When Purchasing a Free stand punching bag 

This is the second part of our review. In this section, we will discuss the buying guide. After going through the chapter, you will get a solid knowledge of the purchasing of a freestanding punching bag and its very important part when you want to take full benefit of a punching bag.

Let’s start exploring the ways.

Size and height 

The very first thing to focus on is the size and height of the freestanding punching bag. For instance, the size and height should come with compliance with your body height weight. If there is no compatibility between you and the punching bag, you cannot expect an extensive training. Instead, it will be a wastage of time.

Punching in the bag or kicking it will bring no practical result. So, before you purchase the bag, you have to know the specifications of height and weight.

Shock absorbing 

This is the other feature you must check. Not all the freestanding bags come with the shock absorbance feature. Some of the bags may recoil or may get displaced from the position. You are to reset the bag’s position every time – which is definitely irritating. But if there is a shock absorption feature, the bag will remain in the same position.

Therefore, before you decide to get any particular punching bag, make sure the bag absorbs shock. Surely, you do not want to get into trouble after the purchase.


It may sound weird, but you need to have some comfort while you get the training. Of course, you do not want to stop the practice for a week due to pain in your joints or any other physical injuries. If the freestanding punching bag is not comfortable, you are supposed to get the injury in your fist or leg.

Thereby check if the bag comes with padding. Ask the seller or manufacturer to explain the materials used in the construction process. Usually, leather and dense foams are the best combinations. So, check if they are present in the bag.

Easy assembly 

Simultaneously, you have to check the assembly of the freestanding punching bag. Some of the bags need to assemble at home, and the process is a bit complex. So, it takes time for the users to assemble the bag. Sometimes, this is an irritating process, as well.

But what if the bag takes less time to assemble? It will save you valuable time that you can invest in the training. Based on this particular ground, experts always recommend getting a freestanding punching bag, which is easy to assemble.

Budget matters 

At the same time, the bag should fit your budget. Most of the cases, people cannot have the right punching bag. The key reason is the budget. They do not have the right budget, or the price is beyond their affordability. Therefore, the training experts recommend setting a budget first.

If you have the budget, you can find the right product for you. But if you set the budget after checking the punching bag, you might need to compromise with some other aspects to adjust here.

Q: Which one is better – hanging bags or freestanding bags? 

A: Well, the freestanding bags have some particular benefits than the hanging bags. You do not need to make drills or holes in your wall. Simply, you have to fill the base with water or sand. The bag stands itself. But the view is the opposite of the hanging bags. You have to drill the wall and then hang the bag, which is a complex process.

Q: What to put inside a punching bag? 

A: Generally, a freestanding punching bag needs water or sand. You can fill the base with any of them. But remember, the bag stability also depends on the manufacturing quality. If the quality is poor, you will have to face some sort of trouble.

Q: Why there are foams inside a punching bag?

A: A punching bag is covered with leather or vinyl, and dense foams are inside. The foams make the bag comfortable for punching. Otherwise, you may have trouble in punching and kicking. The risk of injury will increase.

Last words 

Now you have all the information about the best free standing punching bag. This is really tough to get a suitable bag that will meet your needs. However, you can select the most suitable one from the list above or can follow our recommendations.

As you could see our punching bag reviews, Hopefully, the freestanding punching bag that we selected will meet all your needs. For comprehensive training, the bag will provide the necessary assistance. And you can also feel comfortable while there would be no fatigue at the end of the training session.

Happy training!