Cool Bjj rash guard : Coolest design you have ever seen!


Before our modern rash guards, BJJ practitioners used to wear cotton T-shirts under their Gi. Cotton T-shirts tends to be very uncomfortable for rolling or training for hours. It is important to wear a rash guard with your Gi or No-Gi in classes or matches. Why?

Our Cool bjj rash guards will go through this question.

First of all, wearing a rash guard will keep you safe and clean during training. Besides this, it prevents infection and irritation. It will boost up your confidence level and increase your performance. Rash guards increase the lifetime of your Gi’s. Latest sweat-wicking technologies used on rash guards to make them more breathable and comfortable. We will show you the best BJJ rash guards collection in this article.

Why to wear a cool bjj rash guard:

The modern Jiu Jitsu rash guards were developed to avoid the traditional barriers. Rashguard is necessary for No-gi grappling. Also, the practitioner wears this under their Gi’s for comfort and ignores sweat during the game. Let’s see what benefits being the cool rash guards for you.

  • Muscles Compression material helps prevent injury
  • It helps out to reduce the spread of bacteria during the rolling session
  • Its wick away moisture ensures better grips. It will feel you cool and comfortable
  • It will protect your skin from friction scars of the body occurring on the mat.

To know more, watch the below video.

HUGE rash guard Series


#1 HUGE SPORTS Men’s Splice Long Sleeves rash guard


  • Two-way stretch fabric
  • UPF 50 plus Ultraviolet protection
  • Compatible for all almost all sports
  • Dries faster than others

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Hugo sports are most popular for their asymmetry, cool designs make it unique Jiu Jitsu rash guards. This is an all in one rash guards that are useful for outdoor activities like BJJ, MMA, water sports, surfing, swimming, hiking, and all contact sports.

It is made with a combination of nylon (80%) and spandex (20%). Its YPF 50 plus Ultraviolet will provide you high-level protection. Its stylish 3D look is very attractive. It helps to prevent fatigue and energy loses. This breathable rash guard dries fast and makes you feel comfortable and cool.


#2 HUGE SPORTS Wildling Series Compression Rash Guard


  • UPF 50 Plus Ultraviolet protection.
  • 2 Way stretch fabric
  • Wildlife spirits
  • Compatible for combat sports
  • Breathable and comfortable

Another masterpiece from HUGO sports. Rashguard will define your character in front of your competitor. This wild series is a symbol of surviving. Wearing this rash guard will increase your inner strength and performance in any different situation.

The rash guards have UPF 50 plus Ultraviolet protection. Made with Polyamide and Elastane. And it’s 2-way stretch fabric prevents fatigue and energy loss.


#3 HUGE SPORTS Men’s Splice UV Sun Protection Rash Guard Long Sleeves


  • High-quality UV protection
  • Four-way stretch fabric
  • Protects from sunburn and prevent fatigue
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Dries faster


The superb asymmetric design makes it different and unique from other rash guards. These smooth and comfortable rash guards are made from nylon and spandex.

The Four-way stretch fabric makes it much durable, safe, and strong. Its elastic fabric helps you for a perfect fitting. The Ultraviolet protection fabric protects you from sunburn and prevents external scratches.

The lightweight rash guards make you feel cool and it dries faster. This complete breathable rash guard fits you tight but comfortable.


LAFROI rash guard Series

#1 LAFROI Men’s Long Sleeve Compression Rash Guard-CLYYB (Amazon Choice)


  • UV protection fabric
  • Breathable and fast dry
  • Elastic closure
  • Lightweight and comfortable

If you are looking for a rash guard that is offering comfortableness and performance both at the same time then LAFROI will be the best choice. Its UV protection premium fabric provides protection against sunburn.

These rash guards are made with nylon and spandex and it is very lightweight. Its moisture absorbing fabric ensures breathability which helps the rash guards dry fast. LAFROI is a versatile rash guard that is compatible with almost every combat sport like MMA, BJJ, and more. By the way, check the sizing chart before buying this to avoid uncomfortability.


#2 LAFROI Men’s Long Sleeve Compression Rash Guard-CLY02C


  • Ultraviolet protection fabric
  • Elastic closure
  • Lightweight and dries fast
  • Durable materials
  • Prevents muscle from overstretch

LAFROI CLY02C rash guard is a cool stylish one from the brand. It is a lightweight rash guard. This is made with nylon and spandex in the body part and the print area covered by Polyester and spandex.

Comfortableness and style both you will get in this rash guard. Its complete Ultra Violet protection fabric above the skin will protect you from sunburn. These outdoor rash guards are compatible with combat sports and others. It is a breathable fabric that helps it to dry fast which ensures comfortability. Check the sizing chart attached with the product to find the perfect fitting.


#3 LAFROI Men’s Long Sleeve Compression Shirt Rash Guard-CLY08C


  • Fighting spirit design
  • UV protection enable
  • Outdoor sports compatible
  • Durable material
  • Cool and lightweight.

LAFROI CLY08C men is a long sleeve rash guard. Its coolest design makes it different from others. The dragon and wolf design will increase your inner strength and fighting spirit.

Its Ultraviolet fabric will protect you from sunburn and prevent skin injuries. These are the versatile rash guards for outdoor sports. You can wear this on BJJ, MMA, Surfing, and more combat sports.

Polyester and spandex materials are used in this rash guard. It is durable and lightweight that fits perfectly.


RAVEN Fightwear rash guard Series

Raven Fightwear is a popular brand for its astonishing graphical designs. They have been providing top quality products in the market since the first day. It Comes up with various cool designs to choose your favorite one.

Raven Fightwear maintains the top quality materials that make it durable and long-lasting. Its sublimated graphics assure your rash guard not to fade or peel. Four-way stretch fabric allows you to move freely. Its rubber lining waist support keeps the rash guards secure in the body. It has reinforced flatlock stitches that make it durable and long-lasting.

The Raven Fightwear is a lightweight rash guard. It fits in the body perfectly and comfortably. The breathable rash guards will feel you cool inside.

Check out its wise SIZING CHART to find your perfect fitting.

#7 Raven Fightwear Men’s Tiger & Dragon MMA BJJ Rash Guard White


  • Eye-catching graphic design
  • Premium Quality material
  • Perfect fitting compression shirts
  • Prevents skin scratches

Raven Fightwear is much popular in this arena for their exclusive graphical design. Their design will inspire and increase your fighting spirit. In Chinese concept, fighting between dragon and tiger represents power, spirit, and strength. Here Dragon is a symbol of strength and power of the spirit. On the other hand, Tiger is a symbol of strength and power of the body.

High-quality thick fabric material, excellent stitching are used in these rash guards. The stretchy feature allows these rash guards to fit perfectly and comfortably in the body. It comes up with a combination of black, white, and red colors.


#10 Raven Fightwear Men’s Norseman Rash Guard White


  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • Reinforced flatlock stitching
  • Rubber lining feature
  • Sublimated graphic
  • Long-lasting durability

Raven Fighting Norseman rash guard is much popular for its extreme durability. These rash guards use sublimated graphics which does not fade or peel. It comes in only white color.

You can move easily during your rolling because of its rubber lining feature which keeps the rash guard in place. The flatlock stitches ensure long-lasting durability. The 4-way stretch fabric makes it protective and comfortable. The lightweight and breathable rash guard fit perfectly in the body.


#11 Raven Fightwear Men’s Odin Nordic Rash Guard Black


  • Fantastic Graphic design
  • The sublimated graphic does not allow to fade or peel
  • Four-way stretch fabric
  • Reinforced flatlock stitching
  • Rubber lining feature
  • Comfortable fitting and lightweight

Looking for a cool and awesome designed rash guard? Then lock your eyes on this Raven Odin Nordic rash guard. Its fantastic graphical print will definitely astonish you.

The sublimated graphic will ensure the rash guard not fade or peel. This is a long-lasting durable and lightweight rash guard. Its breathable fabric makes you feel cool and comfortable. Its four-way stretch unlocks the freedom of movement and reinforced flatlock stitching makes it long-lasting. You will get extra security for its rubber lining feature that holds the rash guard in position.


#12 Raven Fightwear Men’s BJJ Horror Cthulhu Rash Guard Black


  • The dark Cthulhu fighting Spirit
  • Durable materials and flatlock stitching
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Sublimated graphic for not to fade the print

This raven Fightwear Cthulhu rash guard feels you horror inside. The darkness of the rash guard will make your fighting spirit higher than before. It also reminds me of Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean.

This Cthulhu power inside the rash guard is thick and durable. The quality material makes it long-lasting. This lightweight rash guard has breathable fabric to make you feel cool and comfortable. These Rash guards remain in place during your rolling.


#13 Raven Fightwear Men’s The Phoenix Rash Guard Black


  • Feels you strength and renewal inside
  • Durable material
  • Four-way stretch fabric
  • Fit perfectly and does not displace from body
  • Lightweight and cool

The Phoenix is a symbol of strength and renewal. The power of the phoenix will increase your fighting spirit. It will help you feel new inside every time before your game. The back is also designed with an awesome phoenix bird.

The Raven Fightwear is always trustable for its cool and comfortable rash guards. This one is durable and long-lasting for its reinforced flatlock stitches. Breathable fabric keeps you cool. It is lightweight and rubber lining features allow it to move freely.

#14 Raven Fightwear Men’s Horror Frankenstein’s Monster Rash Guard


  • Frankenstein’s monster horror series
  • Does not fade or peel
  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • Rubber lining support

Raven Fightwear horror series are just awesome for their astonishing design. Frankenstein’s monster rash guard is another masterpiece from this family. Wearing this long sleeve rash guard you will feel the Frankies strength.

The rush guard is durable and lightweight. Its reinforced flatlock stitches make it long-lasting. The rash guard fits comfortably and does not move from the body during rolling. The high-quality fabric does not peel or fade.


#15 Raven Fightwear Men’s Berserker Rash Guard


#19 Raven Fightwear Men’s Venomous IBJJF Approved Rash Guard

#21 Raven Fightwear Men’s Shiva The Destroyer Rash Guard

#24 Raven Fightwear Men’s The Gods of Egypt Anubis Rash Guard Black

#26  Raven Fightwear Men’s Irezumi 2.0 Rash Guard Black

#27  Raven Fightwear Men’s Shark Attack Long Sleeve Rash Guard

#30  Raven Fightwear Men’s The Great Old One Cthulhu Rash Guard Black

#32 Raven Fightwear Men’s Archangel Rash Guard Black

#37  Raven Fightwear Men’s BJJ Horror Minotaur Rash Guard Black

#38  Raven Fightwear Archangel Raphael Rash Guard Green

#39  Raven Fightwear Cthulhu Short Sleeve Rash Guard Black


HARDCORE rash guard Series

Hardcore brand is satisfying the fighting community by their awesome exclusive designs and quality products. It has an eye-catching graphic design that will definitely blow your mind.

The hardcore rash guard is compatible with every combat sports like MMA, BJJ, Kickboxing, NO-GI grappling, and other exercises. This Thermal compression shirt will keep you cool during your game. The rash guard is made with premium fabric with 88% Polyester and 12% Spandex.

Its sublimated graphic fabric does not fade, peel, or crack in hard conditions.

This comfortable and flexible rash guard makes you move freely. The ultra-tight perfect fitting keeps the rash guard in position during rolling. Its extra thinner layer on the skin will feel your second layer on your skin and protect your skin from scratches.

Why it is best:

  • Thermal compression long sleeve shirt
  • Exclusive graphic designs
  • Premium materials
  • Compatible for every combat sports
  • Extra layer protection on skin
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Does not fade or peel


#17 Hardcore Training Angry Vitamins Rashguard


#20  Hardcore Training Old Tattoo 2.0 Rashguard


#25  Hardcore Training Pitbull City Rashguard


#34  Hardcore Training Doodles Rashguard


#41  Hardcore Training Lionheart Rashguard

Btoperform rash guard series

Btoperform is the best BJJ rash guard for their amazing craftsmanship and unique designs. The Dragon vs Tiger represents the strength and power of our body and spirit. The dragon motif on the shirts is awesome.

This rash guard is made with Polyester (87%) and Elastane (13%). This four-way stretchable rash guard is built with durable materials. Its SPF 50+ and Ultraviolet ray prevents your skin from scratches. This long-lasting rash guard has a sublimated print that does not allow it to fade or peel.

This lightweight rash guard is thick and fits you tight but it is not uncomfortable. The breathability keeps it cool and helps to dry fast. You can check your muscles in a short-sleeve version of the rash guard.

Why it is best:

  • Awesome unique designs of a dragon
  • Ultraviolet protection enable
  • Four-way stretchable
  • Made with durable materials
  • Sublimated print that does not fade
  • Breathable and dries fast
  • Perfect fitting, cool and comfortable

#35  Btoperform Short Sleeve Dragon vs Tiger FX-336


#36  Btoperform Dragon vs Tiger [FX-136]

#42  Btoperform Short Sleeve Golden Dragon FX-364


#8 SHOGUN Fight Rash Guard Grappling Compression Shirt


  • Ultra-durable materials
  • Specially designed for jiu-jitsu and grappling
  • Moisture-wicking feature
  • Tight and comfortable compression fitting

SHOGUN rash guards are designed especially for BJJ and grappling. But it is also compatible with other combat sports. Even during the rolling or rough grappling, you will find this rash guard comfortable.

Its Ultra-durable material ensures tight compression fittings. And the moisture-wicking feature helps it to dry fast which makes it cool. You will find this rash guard in both short and long sleeves with different sizes.

#9 Hayabusa Metaru Long Sleeve Jiu Jitsu Rashguard


  • Durable materials
  • Moisture-wicking feature
  • Comfortable and perfect fitting
  • Sublimation print and Silicon hem

Hayabusa Metaru is one of the best BJJ rash guard in the market. This rashguard is made following the IBJJF rules and regulations. It will completely protect your skin from scratches and abrasion.

The rashguard is made with Elastane and Polyester. Its inner silicon hem stops unwanted movement over the body during rolling. The moisture-wicking feature keeps the sweat away which makes it more comfortable. It also keeps the body temperature in control. Four different colors (Blue, Green, Black, and Red) are available for this Hayabusa Metaru rash guard.


Best Women’s Cool rash guards

Pressure Grappling rash guard Series:


  •  WikPRO moisture control fabric
  • Durable materials
  • The sublimated graphic that does not fade
  • Compatible for other outdoor activities
  • Athletic stretchy fitting
  • Four/Six flat lock stitching
  • Silicon lockdown band

The Pressure grappling rash guard is made with premium quality materials. This Long sleeve rash guard used WikPRO moisture control fabric. Its fantastic design will definitely amaze you. And it is compatible with other outdoor activities like CrossFit, surfing, swimming, training, etc.

Pressure grappling rash guard is made of Polyester and spandex fabric. Its flatlock stitching makes it more durable and long-lasting. The sublimated graphic does not fade or peel the stunning designs.

Its four-way stretch feature will fit your body perfectly and comfortably. And the Silicon lockdown band prevents ride up from your waist.


Raven Fightwear rash guard women series

Women friendly rash guards are rare to find in the market. But Raven is a trustworthy name in this industry. Especially for their beautiful and coolest collections of rash guards both for men and women. They do not compromise on quality and comfortable design.

Its reinforced flatlock stitching makes it durable. Premium quality materials make it long-lasting. The sublimated graphics does not allow it to fade or peel. It has a rubber lining inside that prevents your rash guards from riding up from your waist.

Four-way stretchy fabric fits with anybody smoothly and comfortably. The breathable rash guard keeps it cool during rolling and training. Overall, Raven is a combination of quality, comfort, durability, and design.

Why to choose?


  • Flatlock stitching makes it durable
  • Long-lasting premium quality materials
  • Coolest Design
  • The print does not fade or peel
  • Rubber lining lock at waist
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Four-way stretchy and perfect fitting

Raven Fightwear Women’s Candy Rash Guard BJJ MMA Black


Raven Fightwear Women’s Archangel Jophiel Rash Guard BJJ MMA Pink/Blue

Fuji Women’s 2507 Kimono Rash Guard


  • Durable material
  • Women friendly design
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Fits perfectly

The China-based Fuji has contributed to martial arts sports by their quality products. Fuji kimono is the only rash guard by the Fuji brand made for women. They have researched and developed this one especially to make it women-friendly. The fantastic design will attract you the most.

Fuji used polyester (88%) and spandex (12%) to make this rash guard durable and long-lasting. Though there is no elastic band on the bottom, this long rash guard will not ride up at the hem.


Things to consider before buying cool bjj rash guard

Style and rank color:

The style of your rash guard will describe your personality. A stylish rash guard will boost up your confidence and increase your performance. The image or design on your rash guard should match your own style. How does it look if a tuff guy is wearing a pink color rush guard!

NOTE: IBJJF No-gi competition accepts rash guards with only 10% of the color match of your rank. That means you don’t have the freedom of choosing colors in competitions.

Materials and Durability:

The cool bjj rash guards are mostly made from a combination of Polyester and spandex materials. Some of the brands use Polyester with Lycra which is rare. Whatever the materials they use, the ultimate goal of all is to make it durable and comfortable. The stretch fabric will help you to fit the rash guard perfectly on your body. So the Focus set to be as, Durable materials, Stretchy fabric, Quality stitching

Printing Quality:

Almost every modern cool bjj rash guard is made with sublimation methods. This design is printed using heat. The sublimated graphic prevents the rash guard from Peeling, Fading, or Rubbing off. This also makes it long-lasting as well as better printing quality.

Shorts sleeve or long sleeve:

Short or long rash guards? Well, this depends on the practitioner’s own choice. They tend to use short rash guards in summer sessions and long rash guards in the winter. You can use any of them for the whole year. Keep in mind, If you are not comfortable in mats and want to avoid scratches on the body then you can go for a long rash guard. In No-gi classes, We prefer short rash guards to wear.