Best Jiu Jitsu Gi review 2021 – Buyer’s Guide and top Pick

The usual practice of Jiu Jitsu involves several benefits that go beyond training in healthy, fun, and social sport. These benefits are acquired in a natural way, gradually, only with the practice and enjoyment of this sport where each practitioner imposes its own rhythm. The reason why one BJJ is to develop and improve oneself. It is also good to learn Jiu-jitsu for the purpose of improving health. It is correct to learn Jiu Jitsu to train the alertness and the speed of movement. It is good to learn jiu-jitsu for the purpose of training and strengthening arms and legs and for physical conditioning also to cultivate strength and courage. It improves the composure and extends the depth of character, ability, and tolerance. It may be to cultivate the virtues of self-control and modesty. No matter which of the above objectives you want to achieve, your goal is to improve yourself, and bjj serves that. So the need for a Brazilian jiu-jitsu gi promotes the facilities of all kinds of martial arts.

The Great thing is that there is so many martial arts gi available in the market. we have researched, identified, and are going to review the best jiu jitsu gi as of the year 2020. We will also give you a simple guide on what to look before buying any kind of bjj, jiu jitsu, muay thai or jiu jitsu gi for women, kids, youth, girls, etc. we hope this guide helps you to select high quality and comfortable gi for you.



Sanabul Essential V.2
  • Perfect Fitting
  • Lightweight and Heavey Duty
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Elite Sports BJJ GI
  • IBJJF Approved
  • No Shrinking
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YOUR Jiu Jitsu GI
  • Customized and Brazilian made
  • Completely Blank
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Hayabusa Lightweight Gi
  • Durable material (Pearl weave)
  • Great fit
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Elite Sports Kids BJJ GI
  • Preshrunk fabric
  • Durable and lightweight
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Fuji Bjj GI
  • FUJI Premium Cotton Blend
  • IBJJF Approved
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#01. Sanabul Essentials v.2 Ultra Light Preshrunk BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi

This is a quality grade Gi is an important thing to consider. The fabric is finely woven and holds up well both in the wash and in performance. Advertised as “pre-shrunk”, the material fit well, was lightweight, and retained its superior dye during the wash. I mention dye retention because there is other gis on the market that fades quickly. You will not encounter this problem with this particular fabric.sanabul-essential-gi Read full article 

The visual appeal of the gi is outstanding and reflects the true kind of professional-grade training merchandise. Billed as affordable and of quality construction, their products are used in most of the gym. The embroidered logo is subtle yet eye-catching and the stitching around the hemlines and inseam is durable. The collar is sturdy but flexible enough to grip and maneuver without detracting training form by the attack of the collar strength. I have compared other gis in the dojo and students mention the Sanabul collar as being one of the most effortless collars to grip during instruction.


  • 5 different colors to choose from
  • Standard price Gi, great for beginners
  • Lightweight which is perfect for summer training
  • Great return policy from Amazon


  • Single weave, which isn’t always durable
  • The “skirt” was far too short and almost as high as your waist


#02. Elite Sports IBJJF Ultra Light BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi

You might be worried that buying an ultra-light gi. It means that you have to settle for a gi. And surely that’s material will be thin or elite-sports-giflimsy. With the Elite Sports Gi, you can put those fears to rest. This product is manufactured professionally! One of the first things is that the pants are incredibly soft, yet seem to be plenty tough on the mats.  The Elite Sports Ultra-Light BJJ is made of super-light materials. It means you can stay on the mats longer.

The pre-shrunk fabric means you’ll never need to worry about your BJJ shrinking following the very first wash. The anti-odor treatment usually means no lingering bad smells ruining your Gi. Your Gi will remain fresh, meaning you won’t have to experience rancid odors distracting you from competing or training. The fabric is light and breathable and enables a vast assortment of movement throughout.

The pants fit comfortably as well as the top. Possibly the best thing about the Gi is how durable it feels and looks without being too bulky or tough. You may believe that you are sporting a very expensive Gi but this Gi is quite reasonably priced. Generally, the best BJJ Kimono you guy owns for a good price, quality, performance, fit, and styling. For the price, you can’t beat the quality. The gi top appears pretty durable and seems to have all the reinforcements from the areas where it is necessary.



  • Over 6 color combinations to choose from
  • Lightweight materials of this Gi has made it feel great and stay very cool wearing this
  • Great price point for beginner practitioners
  • Great return policy from Amazon


  • Single weave, may not be as durable

#03. Your Jiu Jitsu Gear Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The “Your Jiu-Jitsu Gear” BJJ Gi holds great value and is a superb starter Gi for any beginner. This Gi is single weave and totally customizable, meaning you have the liberty to include your own stains. Your Jiu-Jitsu Gear manufactured with professionals.your-jiu-jitsu-gi

The jacket fits nicely throughout the back/shoulders and has the ideal sleeve length right from the bag. The pants are a bit loose at the waist but fit right in the butt/thigh. The net carrying bag is a nice bonus.

You can tell it’s truly well made by the weight and depth of the cloth in addition to the sturdy seam work. Some people may prefer a more lightweight option, but the depth of the jacket isn’t a major deal. You’re likely going to get a sweaty rolling way. This is a great, simple gi without each of the frill and hassle of the branded GIs but of equivalent or better craftsmanship. It’s great. Affordable, durable and worth the money.



  • Over 4 Distinct colors to choose from
  • Amazing value for beginners
  • Great return coverage from Amazon


  • It is a Heavier Gi. This Gi may not the best for hot environments

#04. Hayabusa Lightweight Jiu Jitsu Gi

This Gi is awesome! Very lightweight and comfortable. It looks sharp, is comfortable and is a great value. The jacket is not restrictive at hayabusa-giall in the shoulders. The pants are excellent, great material. Some other reviews complain about the drawstring having some elasticity, but I like it. if you will find all kind of Hayabusa Gi then I highly recommend you read our Hayabusa gi review to Make You comfortable in Your Martial Art

You can make it tight fairly easily, double knot it, and no issues. The Lightweight gi feels cooler and light. Ideal for all types of training and competition. The Hayabusa Lightweight kimonos is a top of the line BJJ, ideal for novices and advanced practitioners.

The Hayabusa Lightweight Gi is constructed with golden weave and has been crafted to deliver a customized fit, unmatched comfort and the durability needed for you to roll daily and push your limits. Ultra-lightweight Gi is for supreme comfort and maneuverability to the user. This Gi is also quite easy on the eyes, among the most stylish Gi’s on the market in my opinion. The quality of this Gi is outstanding. So you can buy this super lightweight, durable and extremely comfortable Gi. This product will help you achieve optimal performance. It’s worth of money!!



  • 4 different colors to choose from
  • Constructed with Gold Weave
  • Ultra-lightweight, yet durable
  • return policy from Amazon


  • It’s a bit expensive when compared to other Gis of market
  • Pants material may horrible

#05. Elite Sports IBJJF Ultra Light BJJ Brazilian – Best Jiu Jitsu Gi for Kids 

The Elite Sports Ultra-Light BJJ Gi is assembled with superb light materials. It means you keep on the mats more light. The pre-shrunk elitesports-kids-gifabric means you will not ever need to worry about your BJJ Gi shrinking following the first wash. Its durable lightweight material is long-lasting & prevents rust, allowing you to train harder for longer & keep your attention when competing.

Your Gi will remain fresh, meaning you won’t have to experience rancid scents distracting you from training or competing. One cool thing is that this Gi reduces the risk of infections. You will not ever need to think about a buildup of bacterial infections or bacterial infections such as hepatitis and ringworm.

The anti-odor remedy on our gis signifies no lingering bad scents destroying your child’s BJJ uniform. It will stay fresh; your children won’t have to experience rancid odors distracting them from competing or training.



  • Over 6 color combinations to choose from
  • Lightweight materials made this Gi great and to stay cool
  • Great price point for beginner practitioners
  • return policy from Amazon


  • Single weave, may not be as durable

#06. Fuji BJJ Uniform

Fuji Sports have grown their reputation at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for uncompromising quality and endurance in their own kimono range. fuji giAccording to the information over the internet, the Fuji BJJ uniform is an award-winning Gi. The color is really cool and I got lots of praise on it when I got it.

Not overly brassy or riddled with logos and cheesy stuff like that. It seems very comfortable, doesn’t leave rashes on my throat on account of the collar, and it’s holding up fairly strong with once a week use.

Getting tossed around rolling or practicing throws and no tears or use so far, whereas other Gi’s I’ve had would demonstrate some effect of them after a couple of sessions. Fuji remains owned by enthusiastic martial artists and that’s why the dedication and soul will not falter.



  • 4 different colors available
  • Constructed with FUJI special weave
  • Best selling Gi for beginners
  • return policy from Amazon


  • Mid-weight may be hot in summer months

Types of Jiu-Jitsu Gi:

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Kimonos comes with 3 materials.

The single weave fabric:

This economical fabric brings a comfort adapted to the ground and thus offers a good price/resistance ratio. This is usually the fabric of entry-level kimonos in Brazil.

The double weave fabric:

Also called rice grain fabric. It is usually the one found on the judo kimonos usually sold in the trade. The resistance is related to the grammage and it is, therefore, the heavyweights that are privileged to judo. For the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu this fabric is not the norm because, unlike the judo, a heavy and thick outfit hinders the movements on the ground. It is, however, more resistant than the single weave, ensures better longevity of the outfit, but the detriment of weight.

The fabric weave gold:

Appeared with the advent of the GI, it is very recognizable and combines lightness and resistance. It facilitates the work on the ground and ensures good longevity of the kimono.

  • The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are all designed with weave gold fabric which ensures the best compromise between resistance and lightness.
  • The BJJ cut is also decisive in practice. Indeed, the jacket is subject to very strong constraints on the whole.  It is therefore common to find jackets in one piece, unlike judo kimonos. Many reinforcements strengthen the jacket especially at the level of the lateral vent, underarms and upper back.
  • The pants should also provide good resistance to the work on the ground and not only on the knees, because, for example in the guard seizures pants are very common. It is a large part of the front.
  • The proportions of the jacket also differ from that of the judo: the sleeves are shorter to avoid the seizures and the bottom of the jacket goes up also higher for, for example, to avoid the strangulation with the help of the bottom of the jacket, to make less easy the body controls and, it must be recognized, so that the jacket is quickly released from the belt during the fight, to use it in the control phase of the opponent’s members.
  • The characteristics that you have to take into account when buying a BJJ Kimono: In this guide, we will try to solve the most frequent doubts and give some advice to know how the BJJ Kimono is.


Tips to increase the durability of your BJJ Gi:

Never wash your BJJ with hot water.

Wash it frequently, but without going over frequency. If you use it two or three times a week, wash it over the weekend to prevent the accumulation of dry sweat from deteriorating. If you have sweated it and you are going to use it the next day, leave it hanging upside down and outdoors to ventilate it. Avoid at all costs that you forget in the suitcase closed after training.

Try to have a second Jiu-Jitsu Gi so that you do not have to use the dress very quickly and so that it can be aired longer after using it.

Do not leave it hanging in the sun directly in summer because it will lose color more than normal.

If you are looking for cool bjj rash guard then read this article here.

Before choosing a Gi you must have some clear things:

– The price you want to spend. There are some Gi of initiation or less frequent use (the cheapest), medium and high range (expensive).

The color: the standards and approved for the competition are white, blue, black and navy blue. If it is to train in the gym you can choose more striking colors such as red or green, or even patterned BJJ Kimono.

The graphic design: After the color what catches the attention at first sight and differentiates one Gi from another are the patches and embroideries that the kimono wear. Choose one that suits your preferences: there are many patches, with few patches, patches can be very aggressive (pit bulls for example) or rather simple design and with the brand of Gi.

The cut: there are Gi’s that have the jacket longer or shorter than normal, as it can happen with pants or sleeves that may be tighter and shorter in some models than in others.

The weight: in this area you should see among other things if you are going to compete and you are just weight or if you are going to use it to train on hot days choosing than a lightweight Gi (Single or Gold Weave), or if you like a kimono heavy that looks like an armor and makes it difficult for your opponents to strangle you, choosing than a heavier kimono and therefore normally it will always be a Double Weave.

Other factors to consider before buying your BJJ GI:

Choose a national or foreign brand: The national brands (of your country) are usually much cheaper because they avoid import costs and intermediate distributors that always increase the cost of the kimono, although it’s cut and quality is usually lower than the Brazilian brands.

That the BJJ Kimono comes or not pre-shrunk: If your height, weight, or both are between 2 sizes as it happens to many practitioners of Gi should be careful with this point. Pre-shrunk kimonos do not usually shrink more than a couple of cms. After the first washings with cold water.

Competition: If you want to compete, you will have to choose a white, black or blue kimono; The Navy Blue that is manufactured much lately is also homologous. Avoid red BJJ Kimono, camouflage, or prints. Remember that it is not usually allowed to wear a jacket of one color and pants of another. That is to say, for example, wearing a white jacket with black trousers, is not usually allowed in many competitions.

In addition, you have to be careful with the patches worn by the factory.

GI Sizes

With the sort of material and put in your mind, the following step is helpful to determine the ideal size for your requirements. BJJ Gis comes in various sizes ranging from A0 to A6. The letter `’A” stands for Adults. For female fighters, so it is important that you consider gis which is labeled F rather than A. Such gis are quantified and cut with the feminine structure in mind and will, consequently, offer a much better fit.


There great deals of variables that come into play when deciding upon the ideal gi for Jiu-Jitsu such as the substance, kind of weave, dimensions, cut, collar, along with your fitness center and Gi rules. We have told all the basics of the best Gi. Our considered Gi’s has a lot to offer for Jiu-Jitsu practitioners who are looking for a good bang for their buck. We have suggested some lightweight, soft, and flexible thereby allowing you to train harder with minimal restrictions. We think our best jiu jitsu gi buying guide has helped for you to grab the best Gi for you according to our picks.