The 7 Best Martial Arts for Self Defense Today

martial arts self defense

You are going home and walking in the street someone attacks you to snatch the valuable. He tried to hurt you. you are enough trained about self-defense you may present him tough time. Sometime we have no option to avoid violence, there reveals the importance of self-defense. There are many techniques to cope up with violent saturation today we are learn about Best Martial Arts for Self Defense. You can save yourself by applying some martial arts self-defense techniques. There are seven best martial arts self defense technique given here. These techniques are classified by renowned martial Boss experts. They emphasis to tame these basic self-defense techniques at the academies by trainers.

7 Best martial arts that’s really need you today

Karate (best self defense techniques)

Karate is one of the best self-defense shields in the modern world. This technique is not only popular in America but also in the modern world. It allows the person to fight with hands, foot, arms and it has many techniques to block the attackers. Karate allows to defend the multi attackers. It has no gadgets to perform which makes it cost effective. It is popular self-defense technique make the users easy to learn. You can find the teacher easy who can train you. this is solid martial arts style which prevents the attacker from you. karate master you kick harder and also hit harder than a normal person who do not know about the karate. Karate is not only block the attacker but also allow to attack on attacker.

Kaysi fighting method

This is also one of the best self-defense method ever used in world vide specially in USA. This method is imported from Spain. Kaysi fighter allow you to defend with arms and elbows. The double arm covering allow you defeat the attacker. The arms first use in defense than as you get the chance to kick the attacker you do that. The training drills of this fighting method allow you to defend yourself among a group who surrounded you when you are ready to defend you apply many techniques according to the situation. It allows you many tactics to use while you face untoward situation.  Its basic rule is to think you are not a victim energize yourself with power to fight.

Wing chun

Wing Chun is also style renewed in world with famous to be aggressive against the attackers and its the best form of self defence for real life situations. This style is popular in these days because it is used in many fighting movies. This style is popular in these days because it is used in many fighting movies. This style derived from kung Fu. The origin of this style is associated with Buddhist Nun. You can also visit this site It is believed that this style comes from shaolin temple. She was one of the five elders who manage to escape in destruction. This technique allows transforming weight, size and even gender. The tactics are derived from the birds and animals. It gives the best skill to punch the attacker.

jeet kune do techniques

This is really very useful technique to cope with violent situation. This technique is used by renowned actor Bruce Lee in many films. He himself was expert in wing Chun. After experiencing different systems of self-defense he introduces the world with jeet Kune do or JKD. JKD trainers describe the ethics of martial arts.

Judo and sambo

Judos history linked with samurai. With time it gets innovations in the techniques. It is also self-defense shield. However, it is now a treated as game with slightly followed by rules. It works on single rule throwing people on floor. It almost all techniques are about how to throw a man on floor. The sambo technique allows you to kick and punch the attacker. It grapples the opponent and leg locks technique is used to deal with attacker.

krav maga techniques

Krav maga means “contact fight”. This is the official self-defense system of Israeli forces if some one stay any position. This is oriented totally a self-defense system. It has many versions now days. It allows you to know about knife and gun defense. and i think its the most effective martial art in a real fight. 

Defense lab techniques

It is one of the best technique to cope up the attacker or group attackers. It allows you to fight with unarmed and armed. It has a range of tactics to defend and fight with the opponent. It has a range of shapes created with arms. It is fearsome fighting style. It engages the group by blocking with arms and legs and also attacking tactic simultaneously.