Best Gi pants | BJJ Gi pants only Reviews 2021

What are Gi Pants? We all know, A gi is one part of the uniform to train BJJ. And a gi pant is another part of a uniform to dress along with standard gi, belt, etc. Both the parts are composed of heavy cotton. As it is a part of the uniform, it is very important to get the best gi pant. Habitually, gi pants are constructed with reinforced denim or sturdy cotton canvas. But nowadays, lightweight and tough materials are becoming more popular with BJJ practitioners. It is frequent in various tournaments where competitors wear a standard cotton gi on top with ripstop pants.

Training with wearing gi pants is necessary. So, you should choose the best gi pants for you. In this article, Our team will try to aid you to find your best match.

Types of Gi Pant

There are three types of gi pants that exist in the market. One is “cotton pants”, another one is “Twill Pant” and the last one is “ripstop pants”. Let’s try to dig up the two major types.

Cotton Pants

The most traditional substance used for gi pants is cotton. In the BJJ gi market, there are two different types of cotton fabrics dominated: duck and twill. A duck which is also called canvas has a square basket weave. On the other hand, twill which is also called drill has a diagonal weave. These fabrics are created from 100% cotton. These fabrics will shrink and it depends on how you wash and dry those. It happens because of its cotton fibers which are stretched when the heat is applied and during weaving.

Twill Pants

Twill pant’s fabrics are usually made from thicker yarns and it is a heavyweight textile. Twill fabric is composed of 100% cotton. The brushed twill fabric is soft in appearance which is being brushed after making the weaving. Because of the fabric structure, twill fabric generally has very good durability, comfortable, and also high tear and wear-resistant.

Ripstop Pants

Ripstop fabrics were developed during world war 2 to manufacture parachutes to replace costly silk. After that, It became a substance for sporting equipment, camping gear, military uniforms, and BJJ uniforms. This ripstop fabric is made from the fusion of cotton/polyester, especially for gis. To give the ripstop fabric a distinctive look, It is built with strong reinforced woven fibers in a cross-hatch pattern. Because of the fabric’s synthetic makeup, this fabric tends to shrink less or not at all and it depends on the polyester-to-cotton ratio of the fabric. It is a highly resistant and very durable fabric. 

Note: Both the pants come in custom and non-custom stitching variations and also have Drawstring and non-drawstring variations.



Max5 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi Pants

max5 gi pants


  • Constructed with 10oz ripstop fabric
  • Good quality Reinforced Material
  • Cutting of lighter material is specifically for Bjj
  • Contrasting stitching


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If you are eying for the best gi pant for your BJJ to practice, then Max5 Bjj Gi Pant is the most suitable for you. The secret is its quality of fabrics. Max5 Gi Pant is constructed with 10oz ripstop fabric which is comfortable in every way and ultra-light as well. Its Reinforced Material is very quality which gives tear-resistance and greater strength. 

The lighter material is specifically designed and cut for Bjj. its reinforced panels are comfortable for your knees. In addition, its Contrasting stitching gives you a good and durable gi pant. Apart from that, Max5 offers custom stitching to prioritize your choice.

Experts give very good compliments on this and also prefer this if you want a good quality gi pant.


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Tear resistance and greater strength
  • Durable gi pant
  • Offers custom stitching




FUJI BJJ Gi Pants, Cotton Jiu-Jitsu Pants with Flat Drawstrings

Fuji gi pants


  • FUJI’s premium cotton blend fabrics
  • Extra reinforcements stitching
  • Flat drawstrings
  • Minimal design for customization

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Fuji is one of few brands which offers premium quality products always in the martial art area. FUJI comes with a product called Fuji Gi pants which is specially made for BJJ practitioners. It is constructed with its own produced FUJI’s premium cotton blend fabrics. It is a very high-quality fabric which gives you high performance and a comfortable feel. 

To get long-lasting performance, fuji’s Gi pants are created with extra reinforcements stitching which will be able to stand up to the toughest session of training. In addition, fuji’s Gi pants come with flat drawstrings which can give you a comfortable and secure locking system around your waist. Apart from that, It is designed with a minimal design which allows you to customize the gi pant.

Likewise its branding goodwill, it produces very good gi pant and is also preferred by many experts.


  • High-quality fabric for high performance and a comfortable feel
  • Long-lasting performance



93 Brand Casual Jiu-Jitsu Pants

93 gi pants


  • Built with soft brushed cotton twill fabric
  • Two oversized front Pearl weave accent pockets and one rear pocket with woven patch
  • Integrated four drawstring loops
  • Removed knee reinforcements to less the weight
  • Interior seam taping for waterproof protection

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Another company has come with a gi pant with different fabric than traditional fabric. It is 93brand who brought a gi pant which is built with soft brushed cotton twill fabric. It is a super soft cotton material to bring comfort in wearing and they removed the knee reinforcements so that it does not feel so heavy as conventional Gi pants.

93brand gi pant has two oversized front Pearl weave accent pockets and one rear pocket with a woven patch. In addition, it comes with Integrated four drawstring loops for good locking around the waist. Apart from that, it is constructed with Interior seam taping which reinforces the waterproof protection and leaves no hole after Needle stitching.

Though this is an average and slightly overpriced gi pant but works well.


  • Super soft cotton material
  • Comfort in wearing
  • Good locking around the waist


  • Slightly overpriced

Best Bjj Gi Pant for Kids


Kids pants


  • Constructed from 100% brushed cotton soft fabric
  • Triple-reinforced stitching 
  • Elasticated waistband  along with a built-in drawstring
  • Stretched flex panels for the crotch area

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If you are looking for a pair of gi pants for your kid who can be a future icon of Bjj, then ROLL HARD Kids BJJ Gi Pant is the best for your kid. ROLL HARD’s this BJJ gi pant is constructed from 100% brushed cotton soft fabric which is able to give your kid incredible protection, comfort, and flexibility of movement. It is also stitched with Triple-reinforced stitching for maximum durability.

In addition, it comes with an elasticated waistband along with a built-in drawstring which will help your kid to wear it on and off easily. Apart from that, it has stretched flex panels on the crotch area for more comfort. This gi pant can be worn with and without the mat.

For its good quality and its comforts, the experts prefer this gi pant for the kids.


  • Incredible protection, comfort, and flexibility of movement
  • Maximum durability
  • Can be worn with and without the mat.



Best Karate Gi pants

Tiger Claw Karate Pants

tiger karate gi pants


  • Made with 100% cotton 14 oz heavyweight fabric
  • Full gusset and additional double-stitched inseam
  • Traditional drawstring and waistline

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Tiger Claw Karate Pant is one of the best stylish and Superior graded karate pants ever existed in the market. These pants are made with 100% cotton 14 oz heavyweight fabric which is durable as well as a comfortable fit. One of the prominent features of this pant is stitching and gusset. It is built with a full gusset and also it has an additional double-stitched inseam for maximum flexibility and durability.

In addition, it comes with a traditional drawstring and waistline around the waist. Its drawstring and elastic waistlines are placed in pants for a comfortable and tight fit.

According to many experts, Tiger Claw Karate Pant is on their karate pants preference list and it will be worth the buy.


  • Stylish and Superior graded
  • Durable as well as a comfortable fit
  • Maximum flexibility and durability




Ronin Karate Pants

ronin karate pants


  • Top-quality 100% cotton fabric
  • Middleweight pants
  • Elastic pull and waist cord size 0-2
  • Traditional drawstring for the size of 3-7

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Ronin is another brand that comes up with Karate Pants for karate practitioners. Their pants are made of top quality 100% cotton fabric which is very comfortable as well as breathable. Ronin has middleweight pants which will give you the experience of toughness and strength of the pants.

In addition, it comes with an elastic pull and waist cord in the gi pant for the size 0-2. On top of that, they provide a traditional drawstring for the size of 3-7 which will give you a good locking system around the waist. Apart from that, Ronin’s karate pant’s design is meant for the necessary mobility of your every movement. It is very easy to clean and it also doesn’t hold bad body odors.

It has few fabric quality issues and practitioners give mixed reviews on that. But on average this is not a bad pair of pants to wear for your game.


  • Comfortable as well as breathable
  • Tough and strong
  • Good locking system around the waist
  • Easy to clean and removes body odors


  • Fabric quality issues


Buying Guide 2021: What to Consider Before Buying


The fabric of Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) gi pants is one of the important factors. The fabric must be comfortable, tear-resistant, and durable. In the market, there are cotton pants, twill pants, ripstop fabric pants. Among them, 100% of cotton is the most used fabric pants by most of the practitioners. 


Weight basically depends on the quality of fabrics and up to the choice of a practitioner. If you are looking for lightweight pants then you can choose 100% cotton. If you are looking for slight heavyweight pants then you can choose either twill pants or ripstop.

Stitching and Durability

There are different stitches available in different brands. Those are Contrasting stitching, reinforced stitching. Among them, reinforced stitching is a better option. Because reinforced stitching gives the most durable stitching.


Comfortness differs from fabric to fabric. Cotton fabric, twill fabric, ripstop fabric are the most available in the market. 100% cotton fabric is lightweight, wind-resistant, breathable, and durable but shrinks more. 100% cotton is ideal for warm climates. Ripstop fabric is durable and resists fading, abrasions, tearing and shrinking, and wrinkles. Ripstop is suitable for all climates, it breathable in summer and also wind resistant in winter. On the other hand, Twill pants are less breathable but comfortable. Twill pants are the best for the temperate weather.


Another important factor in gi pants is its locking system because the locking system can prevent your gi pants from falling off. There are various locking combinations available. Those are flat drawstrings, an Elasticated waistband along with a built-in drawstring, traditional drawstring, and waistline. Traditional drawstring with waistline is the most available locking system among practitioners. But, an Elasticated waistband along with a built-in drawstring locking system in gi pants is the best for its better waist grip and tight-fitting.

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Tie Your Gi Pants Perfectly



Final Words

To spot the appropriate Gi pant is not a simple task. This won’t be in any way possible for you to find all the best features in one gi pants. But you have to try your level best to find out the best combination and there are few brands who produce better gi pants. There is a distinction in characteristics among cotton, twill, ripstop gi pants. You will sense the difference after you wear gi pants. You have to consider before buying gi pants about its quality, comfort, and feel. It will be wise if you try to get cotton fabric gi pants with reinforced stitching.