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What does a BJJ belt mean for BJJ practitioners? It is not just a piece of cloth, it is an indicator of rank, progress as well as achievement of a BJJ practitioner. Apart from that, it is not just an indicator but also it holds your gi close to your body. 

So, now the most frequently asked question is, what is the brand in the market? There are many well-known brands that are developing BJJ belts and Gis. Before buying any of it, you must be concerned about its quality and proper BJJ colors. Because it plays a great role in every form of the BJJ game. Its material and size will influence your techniques, defensive aspects, and situations.

There are plenty of brands available in the market and we will aid you to find the best BJJ belts to get the best grappling adventures. Let’s dig it out.

Top 10 best Jiu Jitsu Belts 2021

if you’re a BJJ player who is looking for the best BJJ belts review, don’t search anymore. today we are going to talk about the best 10 BJJ belt 2021 found on the online market today. as you know there are many types and companies of the Best BJJ belts who provide good quality products. Choosing the best one is not much confusing. we have chosen the best brands & companies, and we will give you a complete review of the best BJJ belts, so you can make up your mind and choose the best fit for you.


Sanabul BJJ Pro belt
  • IBJJF approved thickness
  • Durable materials
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Verus Jiu-jitsu belt
  • Sublime Cotton
  • Three layers of extra padding
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Ronin BJJ belt
  • Heavy Duty Stitching
  • Durable materials
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fuji pearl weave
FUJI Pearl weave belt
  • Pearl weave fabric
  • 1.5” wide
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FUJI Jiu-Jitsu belt
  • Extra Durability
  • Specially Designed for Competition
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Hayabusa BJJ belt
  • Duble-Stitching
  • Common Patch Detailing
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Venum BJJ belt
  • Modern woven patch
  • Long-lasting
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Gameness BJJ belt
  • Extreme Thick
  • Color Resistance
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Vulkan BJJ belt
  • No Shrinking
  • Soft
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elite belt
Elite sports belt
  • Wide and Dubble Stitching
  • Built-in Stripe bar
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#1. SANABUL Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Pro Belt

Sanabul BJJ Pro Belts is one of the best bjj belts ever existed in the market. It is built from High quality 100% cotton fabric and it’s looking is so great. On top of that, Sanabul BJJ Pro Belts come with withstand which gives you Superior durability even for the most brutal competitions and training sessions. 

In addition, it has a Sleeve bar as ranking stripes to know one’s ranking. Apart from that, it is approved by the IBJJF competition for its thickness. It comes with 5 BJJ standard colors which basically refers to the practitioner’s rank. It is very easy to wash.

Sanabulbjj belt

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  • Build with High quality 100% cotton fabric
  • Build with withstand for Superior durability
  • Comes with Sleeve bar as ranking stripes
  • Thickness is approved by the IBJJF competition
  • Five bjj standard colors


  • Both Kids and adult size available
  • 7.2 shipment weight
  • Thick and durable
  • Crunch and wrinkle after every wash
  • Operation times can be set


  • Thick but not so thick

#2. VERUS Jiu-Jitsu belt

Verus Bjj Belts another branded belt which is produced for BJJ practitioners. It is made from 100% Sublime Cotton which is durable and comfortable. This belt is able to be used in any kind of BJJ competition.

On top of that, it is built with extra padding which has 3 layers to give you firm and a long-lasting texture. Apart from that, it comes for all ages people of all sizes. It has 5 BJJ standard colors which refers basically to the user’s rank.

Verus bjj belt

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  • Made from 100% Sublime Cotton
  • Build with extra padding which has 3 layers
  • Comes for all ages people in all sizes
  • It has 5 bjj standard colors


  • Durable and comfortable
  • Firm and a long lasting color texture


  • It’s not very cheap
  • Sometimes the sized A 5 and A 6 are not available

#3. RONIN Jiu Jitsu Belt

Ronin belts are good looking in a deep color that will satisfy you. Cotton and poly are used as materials that make it strong and flexible. besides experienced BJJ practitioners appreciate its heavy-duty stitching. superclass fabric and it is easy to roundup the knot.

It is designed to meet the high demand for training and tournament.

Ronin bjj belt

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Quick Features:

⇒ Best Quality materials
⇒ Ultra-comfortable for rolling
⇒ Easily washable
⇒ Heavey-duty stitching


  • Durable material
  •  Availability of size
  • Thick and lightweight
  • Easy to break or tie.


  • Somehow the price is slightly expensive on average.

#4. FUJI Premium Pearl Weave Belt

The fourth brand is the Fuji Premium. A great quality belt which is made also from cotton. It is great whether you decide to wash this or not. It’s available in the standard Brazilian belt colors. It has a sleeve bar for ranking stripes. It would be found in many sizes for both kids and adults.

Fuji pearl weave bjj belt

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Quick Features:

⇒ 1.5-inch Wide

⇒ 100% pure cotton

⇒ Ultimate pearl weave fabrics


  • It has superior durability to withstand grueling training sessions and competitions
  • Good for both kids and adult users
  • It has a competitive price over all other belts
  • Its price can’t be beat


  • This one is very stiff and beginners may find some difficulties to tie it

#5. FUJI Jiu-Jitsu belt

If you are looking for something Unique then Fuji Jiu-Jitsu Belt is here. It has standard quality cotton and durable material. Fuji BJJ belt is designed by using FUJI Weave which gives this belt extra durability. All sizes would be found with standard jiu-jitsu colors and also available for kids with mid-range practitioners. This will provides the necessary support and tied with much comfort your body needs.

Fuji bjj belt

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Quick Features:

Have FUJI premium weave which gives extra durability
Build to last and very special for training sessions and competitions


  • Strong and very thick belt
  • Perfect length belt
  • Good Price


  • someone complains that the belt is thinner and less stiff

#6. HAYABUSA Jiu-Jitsu Belt (New)

The sixth brand we have is the Hayabusa Jiu-Jitsu belt. This belt is pliable however being of heavy-duty. it’s well made from hybrid weaves. it’s the most expensive brand. it’s better to be washed in tap water to keep it from shrinking.
Hayabusa bjj belt

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Quick Features:

⇒ It is a double stitching belt
⇒ Traditionally patch detailing
⇒ Super strength cotton


  • lightweight belt
  • Better durability
  • Perfect thickness
  • various color


  • sometimes size may matter.

#7. VENUM BJJ belt:

Venum jiu-jitsu is contributing to martial arts with its quality products. they focus on standard cotton and thickness which makes it softer. Getting the best BJJ belt in proper length, won’t be a complication to stay tied up. It feels comfortable and cool with features of long durability.

venum bjj belt

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Quick Features:

⇒ Stylish woven patch
⇒ long time service quality
⇒ Top-quality Stitching


  • It is well durable
  • Quality color confirmed
  • Thick, sturdy, and easy to tie


  • Kind of stiff belts
  • may shrink after washing in cold water.

#8. GAMENESS BJJ belt:

Gameness BJJ belt comes up with their 1.5 inches in width along with a wide range of varieties of sizes which are much popular among youngsters and adults. This is much fashionable and durable. they ensure you 100% cotton with high-quality stitching. This belt is soft and pliable. It will not irritate your skin for sure.

another awesomeness of this product is its color resistance. Deep washing will not be a problem anymore. It also provides you all colors of the BJJ belts. It is a little bit narrower than others, which is a good belt for a comfortable knot but not for IBJJF rules. participating in the official sanctioned competition by wearing these belts, the judge may raise some issues.

Gameness bjj belt

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Quick Features:

⇒ Color resistance
⇒ Availability of size
⇒ Super thickness


  • Ultra durability
  • 1.5 inches width
  • Color availability
  • 100% cotton confirmation


  •  Color may look different in reality than online image.

#9. VULKAN BJJ belt:

Vulkan BJJ (made in brazil) is one of the best options to choose from. The belt is IBJJF Approved. This belt is smooth and flexible. Its super durability comes with six rows of stitching. It will easily fit you perfectly. The thickness and softness of this belt help you to make a perfect knot. Besides all of these, these are color resistance belts with a guarantee of not shrinking after wash.

vulkan bjj belt

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Quick Features:

⇒ No shrink after wash
⇒ Does not have any rigidity
⇒ Not too thick, not too thin


  • Easy to break
  • It is pliable
  • Not a stiff belts
  • Stay tied during rolling
  • Lightweight and the right width


  • The price is slightly higher than the average.


This best bjj belt is another wonderful inclusion in the Elite sports family for BJJ. These are the high-quality belts that surprisingly comes with a lower price. It has perfect variation in colors, not only for adults but also for kids and women. Double stitching ensures tight and durability.

elite sports bjj belt

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Quick Features:

⇒ It has a great width with eight rows of double stitching
⇒ Superb quality ensure long time usability
⇒ Built-in Stripes rank bar on the belt for adding Stripes.


  • Very economic price
  • Super durability
  • Comfortable and better fitting
  • Color does not shrink
  • Thick and stays tied during rolling


The Best Jiu-Jitsu belt Buying guide


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a sport that involves the Best deal of vigorous movement. This means that there is a lot of pushing and pulling within this sport which may hit your mouth, So you should wear mouth guard for protection. The best Brazilian jiu-jitsu belts withstand all these movements; you wouldn’t want to buy new belts again and again. The right Jiu-Jitsu belts are strong enough to last you the period you will be in that particular level that the color.

Stay up done during rolling

There is nothing that is disappointing other than having to tighten your bjj belts now and again during a match. The best belts for jiu-jitsu remains done during all the rolling, pulling, and pushing. With the right jiu-jitsu belt, you need not go through the process of tightening your belt over and over again.


When it comes to thickness the IBJJF regulates it, so the best BJJ belt brands come with the thickness that is approved by IBJJF. One other benefit of having the right BJJ belts are that it has the right length to be tied around your waist and leave an extra length between 15-10 centimeters. Usually, the size of your bjj belts must align with that of your gi.


As with anything, the quality of the BJJ belts is not to be compromised. The right Brazilian jiu-jitsu is supposed to have double stitching to improve its strength. This is so simply because it needs to withstand all the maneuvers that jiu-jitsu comes with.

Don’t want any shrinkage

There is nothing that is disappointing other than pulling your clothes from the washing machine and finding out that they have shrunk. If you can relate to that situation that means that you wouldn’t tolerate your black or blue belt shrink after a wash. The right jiu-jitsu belts show no signs of shrinkage whatsoever

Disadvantages of having low-quality BJJ belts

Some BJJ belts are very thick, this means that when you tie the knot it will be big, and trust me it will be very uncomfortable when you get into some positions.

Yes, belts are supposed to be thick, but they’s not supposed to be stiff. Some BJJ belts are very stiff, and this implies that they are very difficult to use and tend to be more uncomfortable.

Simply because of the different levels of skill in jiu-jitsu, the one comes in different colors, and unfortunately, with some belts, the colors seem to come off during washing; with some, the color even though comes off while being worn dry.

8 Types of Brazilian jiu-jitsu belts


White belt is the belt system that is given to the rookies that just joined the wonderful spot. Basically, white color belts catch more attention than the purple, blue belt, or other belts.


Blue belt is for students that have now clasped the basic technical knowledge that the game commends.


To get his purple belt is obligated to devote at least 5-6 years of participating in jiu-jitsu. The basic requirements for this purple belt are that the students are supposed to be above 18 or must have had the above belt (purple belt) for more than 18 months


Brown belt are the high ranking color belt system under the black belts category in BJJ. A white belt holder requires almost five or more years to achieve a brown belt after passing the dedicated training level. Many trainers are brown belts achiever.


This belt symbolizes that the student has now adequate technical skills to attack and defend competitively in a Jiu-Jitsu match

Black belts types:

  • Black belts with a white bar (or band) describe the Black belt as the “competitor” or who is at this belt level. He/she has not taken an instructor’s course or teaches the class.
  • Black belts with Red bar indicates the ability to teach. It is commonly awarded to coaches who are involved with teaching or have “instructor program” completion from an organization
  • This one is specially awarded to the head of an instructor or a professor of the academy. It comes with a design of a red band and white stripes. The white stripes usually come after long years of teaching.


It has several sub-levels to it; there is the red and black belt then the red and white belts then finally all red belts. It is held by a few people in the world and is given to those who make a contribution to the sport of jiu-jitsu.

RED/ Black belt (Coral belts):

Red/Black belt used to be known as the coral belt. At the level of seventh-degree, a BJJ black belt holder received or got awarded with this. According to IBJJF, It requires seven more years of experience of teaching to get honored with this rank.

RED/ White belt:

Following the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF), A black belt holder can wear this red/white belt after completing the Eighth rank. Minimum Ten years of training teaching is required to achieve this belt level.

What about the price?

Tatami Fightwear’s belts start from as little as $24. These belts are well made from gi material and are nice and soft. The quality of these belts is fantastic for martial arts.

Sanabull’s belts from Sanabul are also made from Gi material. These belts have little to no shrinkage at all. They are a really good belt at the same price as the above belt (tatami fight wear)

Fuji’s belts are a fabulous and sturdy belt and the perfect choice for beginners. Fuji Belts are a renewed brand that is well known for its $15

Final Words

I think at this step of best Jiu Jitsu belts you should have made up your mind about the best BJJ belts to be bought. just compare the advantages and disadvantages of each and every brand to choose your best fit. there is no absolute best BJJ belts brand. everyone chooses his bet to fit according to their requirement. I hope that you get your best and good luck with your competitions.

Hope now it’s easy to choose the right belt for you, to continue reading all about martial arts check https://martialboss.com

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